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H2 megabattle search tip
Posted By: RocksliderDate: 12/11/06 3:46 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Update at Bad Cyborg, mostly TB fun (princeofthesword)

: I've still not managed to find a megabattle in Halo 2 like the
: original rock-slide megabattle, but I've got a few.

Nice to hear from you again! I recently bumped into your May 2005 thread on searching for H2 megabattles, at HIH. Following my recent stuff on the twin bridges megabattle, I've got a tip that might make a new search worth trying if you or anyone else is interested.

In three of the four H1 megabattles (namely all but the rockslide megabattle), there's a common mechanism involved. You bypass enemies to reach a later trigger point that changes their behaviour and makes them want to advance to a later area. In addition there's some 'tempting' that you need to do to get them all through so they'll end up taking part in the megabattle. Tempting can take quite a bit of perseverance; I'm thinking particularly of the dustbowl megabattle and twin bridges megabattle there, where patient work causes enemies to gradually trickle past a sticking point.

So basically my tip is this. Look for places where you can trigger bypassed enemies into wanting to advance to a later area; and if they seem to stall at a certain point, see if you can do something to tempt them through. If the design of H2 is similar to that of H1 in regard to changes in enemy behaviour, perhaps there's a decent battle yet to be engineered via those principles. I'm not an H2 player myself though, so I've no idea. But if you find anything I'll be happy to hear about it.

: Glad to see you're still at it!

Yep, still socking it to the original bad guys thanks, and those Grunts are still cracking me up. More fun to come...

Bad Cyborg - carnage our speciality

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