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Re: You hoo, Marty...
Posted By: Narcogen <>Date: 12/7/06 6:01 a.m.

In Response To: Re: You hoo, Marty... (Avateur)

: Master Chief tends to be the silent one, whereas Cortana usually has a lot to
: say. So, does this mean that Cortana is actually within his MJOLNIR armor
: like usual, or is she transmitting? bIn the "Making Of"
: documentary of the E3 trailer, Marty or Frankie said that Cortana was in
: the clutches of the Gravemind and all that. So it's still assumed that
: she's not part of the armor. That lessens the likelihood of her telling
: the Chief that he's bleeding, but does increase the chances of her telling
: him to leave her.

Cortana's voiceover in the announcement trailer, and the accompanying images, were distorted. Whether this was intended to indicate transmission from a great distance, or simply an artistic method for conveying that distance (as well as Cortana's situation) is probably anyone's guess, but the "making of" video cleary stressed that Cortana is "in the clutches of the Gravemind". Since the Chief is on Earth with no Gravemind (yet) in evidence, I think it's safe to say that Cortana is not in the Chief's suit during either the trailer or the cgtv ad.

Cortana's voice in the cgtv ad occurs during a sequence where the Master Chief is apparently recovering from unconsciousness brought on by enemy fire. Thus it is just as likely to again have occurred not necessarily in this time and physical place, but is an audiovisual hallucination or memory, like the scene with the children.

In short, I don't think that in the ad she is transmitting or present-- I think that audio there, like the audio of the children which occurs both before AND after the Chief wakes up, is a flashback.

The CGTV Ad: Frame By Frame

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