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Re: The Chief's life
Posted By: scarabDate: 12/7/06 1:32 a.m.

In Response To: Re: The Chief's life (jman571)

: Ummm wtf? Where have you guys gotten all this extra dialogue from???

: Especially: I don't even hear any audio that could barely resemble these
: lines, there's simply no time for these lines to occur.


'Lets go, you're talking too much' is as the camera pans up from the helmet to see the contrails. Try saying it as you watch. But don't use an american drawl, speak fairly quickly.

It may be followed by, 'Chief(?) are you with us?' As he lowers his hand back down.

The Boys reply, 'don't think(?) so much' and her response, 'Why not?' happens as he puts the helmet on. You see the dark interior of the helmet.

'Don't think so much' happens as we see the ribbed lining of the helmet. 'Why not?' happens as we see the black interior. 'Some other time' happens as it switches to 3rd person view of the Chief from above. He is bent over, his left knee on the ground, his left hand on the ground, his right leg bent, foot on the ground, his right hand on his right knee.

: Unless you took
: the audio and slowed it down considerably and have heard this new content.
: Otherwise I've listened to TraxusIV's cleaned audio and have never even
: remotely heard these lines.

Maybe his clean up included the dialog... :-)

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