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Features or cool stuff?
Posted By: Narcogen <>Date: 12/7/06 12:26 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Transcript and Commentary (Landis Mclain)

: Also, you mention that "Bungie warned Halo fans expressly that the
: advertisement was not designed to accurately portray gameplay," but,
: as Frankie stated in the Q & A, "Not indicative of gameplay
: means, these images were not captured from the gameplay engine" and
: "Nothing in the trailer was placed there by the agency - that is to
: say, every object and action was put in there with Bungie's consent and
: usually assets ... which you have t assume we wouldn't do without good
: reason, riht?" I think this makes it fairly clear that the item is
: receiving more than just general consideration for inclusion in the game.

I agree. Frankly, I think at this point, if that shield and possibly even the "sprinting" feature aren't in the game, a lot of people are going to be a) upset and b) feel they were misled.

I thought I'd give Frankie every opportunity to disown those things in the video as "stuff that looks cool in a commercial but won't necessarily be in the game."

While still being vague, he didn't take the opportunity to clearly disavow those things, which I realize means everyone is going to think or at least hope they're in.

So I guess that means I hope they're in the game, too, or else they'll become Halo 3's mongoose.

The CGTV Ad: Frame By Frame

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