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The Chief's life
Posted By: scarabDate: 12/6/06 6:50 p.m.

In Response To: To Clarify, the sequence is (scarab)

After listening for some time, this is what I think the sequence is so far...

Wraith 'shell' lands...

MAN'S VOICE: 'Let's go, you're talking too much'

: GIRL: Do you think we’ll ever meet them?

: BOY: Don't think so much.

: GIRL: Why not?

BOY: 'Some other time'

: GIRL: Time to go…

: CORTANA: Chief

CORTANA(??): Chief

MARINE(??): 'Is anyone helping?'


: MARINE: Marines, fall back NOW!

: SARGEANT JOHNSON: Any sign of the Chief?

: MARINE: Negative, Sarge. I think we lost him.

: MASTER CHIEF: Not yet.

Now that I have established the sequence, I will add comments.

'Is anyone helping?' Doesn't sound like its coming over the radio.

I always saw myself, as the Chief, as being the only person who can help the marines. I'm the only 7 foot, armoured cyborg around. If the Chief is sitting around being woozy then he is not helping.

The boy was a thinker.

The boy started the original conversation.

Why would a thinker say, 'Don't think so much'?

If the Boy is the Chief and the boy says 'don't think so much'. Is this really the Chief's thought? because the Chief feels he can't afford to think too much? He needs action not thought or talk. 'Some other time' is because he's a bit busy at the moment and can't afford the time for a daydream.

The boy was loquatious, the Chief is taciturn. Does this tie into the man's voice saying, 'lets go, you're talking too much'? Who said it? Mendez to the boy? The Chief to himself?

The Chief has repressed the parts of him that he thinks are not helpful for getting the task done. This is his life.

What person would the Chief have been if he hadn't been kidnapped and turned into a Spartan?

This short trailer/ad is the Chief's life compressed into 60 seconds.

The first time I saw it I thought 'meh' because I was expecting spectacle to top Halo Wars. Now I see that Bungie is exploring the Chief's character. We've seen more of the Chief than a million hours of gameplay would show. This is pure Bungie, Story, Character, not CGI cloth or salvering Elites.

I'm VERY impressed!

-PS sorry for the multiple posts but it took time to establish the sequence. (Or what I think that the sequence is)


Is Marines, fall back NOW! actually Marine! callback NOW!? The marine in question being the Chief. We have seen the mortar strike and we have been calling you. Let us know that you are alive.


When Cortana said 'Chief' twice, was this actually Sarge? The Chief normally wakes up to Cortana saying 'Chief, Chief'. Maybe the Chief's mind subsituted her voice for Sarge's. He heard Sarge whilst he was woozy and his mind played tricks on him.

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