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Keep on dreamin'
Posted By: RocksliderDate: 12/1/06 10:03 a.m.

In Response To: Halo 3 dream *longish* ([AMS] GreyThor)

: So ya.. that was the dream I got from my 2 hour nap this afternoon

Quite a coincidence you having a dream like that. Or maybe Bungie are secretly broadcasting into our slumbering minds with powerful subliminal alien machinery hidden in the basement, because I've just had my own wish-fulfilment Halo dream with some of the same elements as yours, only it made far less sense.

It all starts out at a university just as you say (which is why I'm personally going with that alien machinery theory), but I don't think I'm any sort of faculty person that I can identify, because I'm just lying down on the ground and there are all these students walking over my head. Somehow they don't squash my nose and there's just a light pressure on my brow as they step up and across, but it still seems a bit unfair. I have a vague sense that it's helping them find their way to lectures, but that's odd because the whole place is perfectly well signposted, so it's not as if you need to step on anyone's head to get somewhere.

Things go a bit hazy for a while, but then I seem to be walking along with a lecturer. He's got a load of handwritten notes and I can see lots of odd symbols. We're in the lecture hall now but he's not down at the front. For some reason we're sitting back in the seat rows and there are students chattering all around us. I'm the only one listening to him, and I can't understand why nobody else is interested because he's showing me these weird equations which somehow unlock a secret passage in the underground bridge area of Halo's second level. It's somewhere just over the bridge, in that big area on the right where there's a lot of nothing, which always did strike me as odd.

Then things have changed again. I'm actually MC inside the passage, and it opens out to a whole new level that's been hidden all this time, waiting to be found. It's got the same sort of rolling green hills look as level 2, but it feels quite separate and I have the feeling that it's huge. The view is glorious. I get even deeper into wish-fulfilment territory when I see a completely new weapon lying on the grass waiting for me. It's some sort of assault rifle, but not feeble like the original. It's chunky and there's a grenade launcher on the bottom. I pick it up and I just know this thing is going to rock.

Just ahead I spot some Grunts by a boulder, and a commanding Elite off to the left by a stream. But he's not very commanding, because he's just standing there doing that mumbling Elite-standing-around thing that Elites do when they're standing around mumbling. Then again, I'm not doing a very good impression of a cyborg, because instead of charging in with my chunky new friend spitting grunty death in every direction, I've inexplicably hit Y to whip out my four-iron. It's a monster too; some sort of special military issue, with yellow and black caution stripes on the head in case you forget where the business end is. I tell you, you're not going to see one of these babies at the US Open any time soon!

So there I am swinging away chipping Grunts into the stream, and it's like WHOOSH - THWACK! Followed by "WAAAHHHHH!" as another Grunt sails through the air. And it takes quite a swing because these guys are like fifty kilos of ballast apiece, but somehow I'm managing it. Thing is, I don't even like golf; but this combat-ready beauty gives things a whole new appeal. There's a heck of a good feel to the whack, and the follow-through is just tremendous. Hit X to reload, and it's on to the next little devil. And the Elite is just standing there watching them land with a splash among the goldfish, like he doesn't understand what's going on. And he's still mumbling.

But as I'm chipping them, I start to realize they're also people, and in fact it's the entire readership of the HBO forum. Two North Americans, a Canadian dentist, and a schoolboy in Oslo. And in the dream I can't figure that out because I was sure the HBO had a lot more people than that, but there you go. Anyway, the last Grunt gets a watery dunking and it seems to trigger a checkpoint. I hit Y to stow the four-iron, and I've got my new assault rifle again.

For some reason I just leave the Elite behind and move on. I'm really looking forward to using the rifle on the next lot of enemies, but I'm wandering and wandering and I can't find anyone to shoot at. It's like the wish-fulfilment has turned into just a terrible frustration now. I'm dying to pull the trigger on this thing, but I've got no target so I can't. Also my visor has jammed up and I'm getting thirsty. Then I notice there are actually two layers to my bowl-like helmet, with a layer of fresh water trapped in between them, just out of reach. Plus, one of the goldfish has somehow got into the layer even though I never went near the stream, and it's swimming around in front of my eyes, which is far from ideal in a combat zone. And then I realize it's actually Frankie, who's just got canned from Bungie. Which is really surprising, because I thought they liked fish.

Well, sorry to disappoint but that's about all I remember. I wake up feeling thirsty, and desparately wanting to drill some Grunts with a battle rifle or something. Plus I have a distinct hankering for a bit of grilled mackerel - which is nothing personal against Frankie you understand.

Never did get to shoot my exotic new assault rifle. That's the trouble with wish-fulfilment dreams if you ask me; they just don't go far enough! Or maybe Bungie's subliminal alien machinery just needs a power boost. And as for that secret passage, I don't know exactly where it was and I forget quite how those equations worked, but you can bet I'll be taking a look just in case...

Bad Cyborg

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Halo 3 dream *longish*[AMS] GreyThor 11/29/06 8:43 p.m.
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     Keep on dreamin'Rockslider 12/1/06 10:03 a.m.

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