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Re: Sarge: Taken from Aliens?
Posted By: RocksliderDate: 11/27/06 7:16 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Sarge: Taken from Aliens? (SPARTAN-034)

: Slightly old (about 5 years now?), but still worth mentioning. Lots of things
: from Halo were 'influenced' by other sci-fi.

Does anyone know any links to substantial articles or forum posts on the various influences on Halo? I'd be interested in reading that sort of stuff.

This topic actually came to mind recently when I caught a bit the 1956 classic 'Forbidden Planet'. That's the one with Robby the robot, plus a somewhat dishy Anne Francis wearing not very much (to quite good effect). Anyway, at one point, the ship captain Leslie Nielsen is with the scientist chappie down in some sort of vast abyss full of alien machinery, and I was really struck with the similarity to what you see at the underground bridge area in H1's level 2 (and a few other places in the game). Huge drops; everything on a huge scale. There were also strips of moving light, reminiscent of what you see all over the place in H1 (fixed series of lights, lighting up one after another to create a motion effect). In another scene, the ship's crew had a big gun whose firing effect was strongly reminiscent of the slow-moving plasma blobs from a Shade turret.

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