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*Update!* More Metal Marathon! *lots of IMGs*
Posted By: Spartan Jag <>Date: 8/27/06 8:48 p.m.

In Response To: Metal Marathon *IMGS* (Spartan Jag)

We'll, we've got a couple more prototypes we did this weekend; a Marathon keychain and a Marathon pendant/bling!

This is the pendant (Apologies for the fingerprints...):

You probably can't see the little bridge that holds it all together on this picture because that's the idea -- it'll look nice on dark clothing. It's still solid and sturdy, but there's less risk of it getting hit hard while around the neck, and this fact allowed us to make it look better.

Here's a back view -- you can see the bridge is there:

And now, the Marathon Keychain:

As you can see, the bridge is much larger and sturdier. This is so that there is no risk of having it break off -- don't get me wrong, the pendant is sturdy and will last a very, very long time, but extra percaution was taken with the keychain since keys are often tossed and thrown about.

Both the keychain and the pendant are made from Stainless Steel (SS 304) -- it'll never corrode or rust!

And here's a higher-res picture of the original Marathon symbol I first showed:

Here's some other things my dad has made for me:

The "Back Stabber" blade:

The blade is made from titanium-aluminium alloy, the hardest titanium alloy known to man (Making it a real pain to sharpen, because it's so hard!). The hilt is made from aircraft-grade titanium.

Crusader Cross:

My dad made this a while ago as a prototype for some accessories for his car, and didn't use it because there's some errors in it (Look at the corners!) so I used it as a paperweight, or in in extreme snacking emergencies as a coaster. ;) It's made from 6061T6 automotive-grade aluminium, just like the Marathon symbol.

Now, down to buisness. Over the past few days, I have gotten many requests asking if I could sell this Marathon stuff to the HBO community. Me and my dad have talked it over, and it probably would be possible for us to start producing these things in small quantities (That means a waiting list.) in our spare time, or whenever my dad isn't doing something with the machine at work. We'd only ask for enough money to cover the cost of the materials (Stainless Steel isn't that cheap!), and tools (We'll need some basic equipment to polish and protect this stuff so it lasts a lifetime!) and a little extra so we can tell our mom we aren't completely wasting our time! "You guys should do something productive!" ;)

But only, only if someone from Bungie says it's okay -- simply put, the Marathon symbol is their property, and we're not sure if they'd be okay with it. We're not going to be netting much cash from this -- basically the extra will go to pay the gas bill for our extra trips (My dad's work is 13 kms from home -- that's a 26 km trip in a Ford Explorer Sport Trac -- not the most fuel-efficient vehicle...) to and from his workshop.

But we need Bungie's permission, first and foremost. First thing tomorrow morning I'm sending a e-mail asking for permission to Frankie so he can forward it to the appropriate person or discuss it with someone, so we're not taking orders yet. Although if a Bungie member looks at this tonight and can provide an answer, tell me right away! :D

Also, completely separate to the whole Marathon thing, we could also start doing 'custom jobs' in the near future -- want your multiplayer emblem, clan logo, or favorite symbol preserved forever? We'll do it, for a modest fee (Again, most of the price going towards materials and equipment). :)

Finally, to round it all off, a hint on our next project: 'doggie'. Go ahead and guess, but you'll have to wait for the pictures to know for sure! ;)


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