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Re: Conspiracy juice is addictive. Whee.
Posted By: Coweh <>Date: 7/19/06 11:02 a.m.

In Response To: Conspiracy juice is addictive. Whee. (UrsusArctos)


: *slaps head, shakes it left to right, and waits till sober*

: Fall of Reach and First Strike are awesome(kudos to E.S.N.). This Colonel
: Ackerson, Dr.Halsey's opposite number, is up to something fishy. He wants
: all UNSC forces to withdraw to Earth for a last-ditch defense, and refuses
: to spare even a scouting vessel(Zero combat value) to see if anyone
: survived Reach. Our dear old Sarge says(Right when he steps into Cairo's
: bridge) "Ships been arriving all morning, something big's gonna
: happen."

: In one of the weekly updates (I think it was on May 12 or May 15) Frankie
: says that the remainder of the human fleet was either obliterated by the
: covenant or distracted by the events at Delta Halo. . Goddamit. Regret
: just summoned every ship that wasn't with High Charity to come screaming
: towards Earth, guns blazing. Hood overrules Harper at the beginning of the
: Cairo battle to keep as many ships as possible intact for the fleets that
: were sure to come. Why aren't they there?

: Ackerson.

: Hood is the only person on their four-man Committee who rebukes him for his
: attitude towards Dr.Halsey and the Spartans...and Ackerson isn't happy
: with him either. If Ackerson told the brass that he knew what Regret
: intended to do-to activate Delta Halo and blow off all life in the Galaxy,
: what would they do? If there would be no more Earth left by the time
: Regret was finished, the whole fleet would charge headlong for Delta Halo.
: There would be no communication gap, and there would be no way for the
: ships to head back straight away-they'd be tangled with all the fighting
: Elite and Brute ships at Delta Halo. And, in the meantime, the MAC shield
: would fail under the covenant onslaught.

: The only person left to gain from this is Colonel Ackerson-what with his
: CPOMZ and S-III and other black ops projects waiting to be brought into
: the fray. He could send the requisite data to the Prophets, who would deal
: with all UNSC forces on Earth and get to the forerunner artifact they so
: greatly desire. Ackerson then betrays them, and destroys the covenant
: forces with his own secret weapons projects. The end result? He's a hero,
: and ONI gets the whole schmooze-Covenant technology, forerunner artifact,
: everything.

: *End rampant speculation*

Wow. Seriously, that makes a ton of sense. Tons upon tons.

Last Resort

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Conspiracy juice is addictive. Whee.UrsusArctos 7/19/06 8:03 a.m.
     Re: Conspiracy juice is addictive. Whee.Coweh 7/19/06 11:02 a.m.

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