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Conspiracy juice is addictive. Whee.
Posted By: UrsusArctos <>Date: 7/19/06 8:03 a.m.


*slaps head, shakes it left to right, and waits till sober*

Fall of Reach and First Strike are awesome(kudos to E.S.N.). This Colonel Ackerson, Dr.Halsey's opposite number, is up to something fishy. He wants all UNSC forces to withdraw to Earth for a last-ditch defense, and refuses to spare even a scouting vessel(Zero combat value) to see if anyone survived Reach. Our dear old Sarge says(Right when he steps into Cairo's bridge) "Ships been arriving all morning, something big's gonna happen."

In one of the weekly updates (I think it was on May 12 or May 15) Frankie says that the remainder of the human fleet was either obliterated by the covenant or distracted by the events at Delta Halo.. Goddamit. Regret just summoned every ship that wasn't with High Charity to come screaming towards Earth, guns blazing. Hood overrules Harper at the beginning of the Cairo battle to keep as many ships as possible intact for the fleets that were sure to come. Why aren't they there?


Hood is the only person on their four-man Committee who rebukes him for his attitude towards Dr.Halsey and the Spartans...and Ackerson isn't happy with him either. If Ackerson told the brass that he knew what Regret intended to do-to activate Delta Halo and blow off all life in the Galaxy, what would they do? If there would be no more Earth left by the time Regret was finished, the whole fleet would charge headlong for Delta Halo. There would be no communication gap, and there would be no way for the ships to head back straight away-they'd be tangled with all the fighting Elite and Brute ships at Delta Halo. And, in the meantime, the MAC shield would fail under the covenant onslaught.

The only person left to gain from this is Colonel Ackerson-what with his CPOMZ and S-III and other black ops projects waiting to be brought into the fray. He could send the requisite data to the Prophets, who would deal with all UNSC forces on Earth and get to the forerunner artifact they so greatly desire. Ackerson then betrays them, and destroys the covenant forces with his own secret weapons projects. The end result? He's a hero, and ONI gets the whole schmooze-Covenant technology, forerunner artifact, everything.

*End rampant speculation*

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Conspiracy juice is addictive. Whee.UrsusArctos 7/19/06 8:03 a.m.
     Re: Conspiracy juice is addictive. Whee.Coweh 7/19/06 11:02 a.m.

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