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Re: Scarab theory
Posted By: DL <>Date: 6/7/06 11:33 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Scarab theory (Sedated2000)

: I wasn't saying the thing is a halo... what I was remarking on was the
: statement that people might recognize things from earlier Halo sources.
: That sound, the design, and the beam of light is exactly what the machine
: looks like during the Arbiter's final mission in Halo 2. I don't think
: it's a halo, I was just saying it looks alot more like what I just
: described, than a scarab to me. A scarab would be a pretty vague reference
: to make (especially since it's just one part of the scarab that is
: referred to). It probably is the Ark or some structure related to it. I
: think they mentioned to watch out for recognizable items in the hopes that
: people would figure out it's the Ark or something to do with the ark. A
: scarab to me wouldn't help me to figure out the structure is the ark.
Looks like the top of High Charity. Wondered why that "ship" looks like a city-dome structure. Perhaps High Charity came about from the last firing, that we know took place.

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