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Re: Covenant species translated.
Posted By: KrayG <>Date: 5/16/06 7:31 p.m.

In Response To: Covenant species translated. (j41m3z)

: I typed the covenant species names into google and three names came up with
: translations frm other languages.
: Unggoy(grunt) is monkey in tagalog(phillipines)
: Lekgolo(hunters) is one hundred in Tswana
: Jiralhanae(brutes) is retarted lunatic in korean( im not so sure on this one
: but one site had that, probably slang)

The meaning of "Jiralhanae" in Korean actually goes along the lines of "that guy is going ape-shit," "what a lunatic," and "She's bitching again." Basically, it is a kind of a slang to say someone is acting retarded/stupid or is just bitching about something. "He's flipping out" or "He's pissed off and go nuts" come to mind. This is not a noun, since it does not mean "retarded lunatic," but it certainly describes the behavior of one. It is a kind of a condescending phrase, since the phrase is typically used as a way of pointing out a person's current state of asshole-ness and used to shut em up. You coulsay this to your mother when she is being irrational and bitchy. Of course, these translations I am offering are all slangs since this is a slang as well, and therefore none of these are literal translations.

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