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Gnostics, the Bible, Halo, and my own Christianity
Posted By: downrodeo <>Date: 4/14/06 9:02 a.m.

In Response To: Gnostic Christianity in Halo *long* (UrsusArctos)

I had a sort of religious experience/revelation last Friday and I haven't had time to write about it since then. Me and a friend had ingested a few grams of the most magical fungus on this planet, and at sometime during the night, me and him walked into his brother's room. Right above his brother's bed was one of those little posters that has a bible verse on it, the verse was:

Colossians 1:17!!!

It states: "And he is before all things, and by him all things consist."

But what followed this verse is what really got me interested.

So I wake his brother up and ask him if he has a bible. I run out to the living room and find the bible immediately, I open it up to Colossians and find the chapter. I don't have the bible with me and when I look it up on google, I can't find one that includes any thing about Gnosticism. But basically, the chapter talked about Gnostics, and how they believed that the Earth was created by angelic beings, and that Christ himself was one of these Beings, and that all things were created for him and his purposes. Then it went into how much Jesus suffered so you could be here in the flesh and all that jazz. To me, the angelic beings represent the Forerunner, and John represents Jesus Christ. Jesus suffered on the cross so that we may be here in the present, enjoying our lives. John is fighting a one-man war against a near unstoppable alien religious group to save the last surviving planet of the human race. We know that there is something special on Earth, whether it be the Ark, or something else, we know that the Forerunner built it, and we know that the created the Halos, "All things were created for him and his purposes." I consider Master Chief to be Jesus, so by him travelling to a Halo, Jesus has been united with his Halo.

And on to the best part: I realized what Christianity is really about, and what it means to me. I believe that someone, somewhere has suffered more than I could ever imagine, just so we can be here, happily living our lives, and playing Halo! And I am thankful for that. I now consider myself a Christian, in my own way. To each his own.

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                       Yea, you both posted out of Revalations, not JohnDanteThePoet 4/14/06 10:59 a.m.
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     Sorry, I'm just not seeing it. Nice work though. *NM*Boris 4/14/06 2:27 p.m.

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