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Posted By: dipanjan <>Date: 4/10/06 7:01 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Covenant species translated. (Slith)

has any one ever given a shot at the idea that flood may have just been a forerunner expt gone bad. it does seem that for mindless parasites they do seem to posses exceptional ablilities of mass controlled behaviour. they are not just zombies with uncorrelated actions. they can fix space crafts, patrol the corridors in organized manner and most importantly they seem to have a universal consciousness, may be individually with low iq but under gravemind show high level of organisation. may be the forerunners were striving to evolve, form a universal consciousness like the concept of gaya in asimov's books. but the experiments went bad and the flood wanted to assert itself as a species. this may explain the feeding frenzy. the forerunner turned flood(gravemind) fore saw possible extermination attempt and so plans for the spread of the flood. the flood do seem superior in the powers of multiplication and surviving radiation(most probably the halo fires a gamma ray burst). my second spec: humans are forerunners in the less evolved state( the monitor refers to human history as lost time). may be the forerunners planted the seed of life on earth before the halo fire. may be that's why the hierarchs hate us cuz we just happen to be the decendants of their god(unjustly by their speculation). may be the hieararchs are forerunners too but just jealous that we got the ark.(may the decended from forerunners of low cast).

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