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Re: Now I really think there's a Sino-rific connec
Posted By: Jackal Fister <>Date: 4/8/06 2:09 p.m.

In Response To: Now I really think there's a Sino-rific connection (Walshicus)

: A while back I posted how I felt the naming scheme for the Covenant
: Prophets and the Emperors of the various Chinese Empires was oddly
: similar, and perhaps a useful starting point for further investigation.

: Until today I let the matter lie. A few hours ago, whilst researching for my
: dissertation [only 14,000 words left!] I came across a rather fascinating
: piece of text from the Emperor "Daoguang" [literally: "Path
: of Brilliance"] to a disgraced official, Commissioner Lin "Blue
: Sky" Hsu-tse, which in English reads as: “You have lied to us,
: disguising in your dispatches the true colour of affairs. Instead of
: helping us, you have only caused confusion to arise. Now, one thousand
: unending problems are sprouting. [...] As we think about your grievous
: failings, we become furious, and then melancholy.”

: Which reminded me very much of the transmission from Truth to Regret that
: Cortana intercepts in the level of the same name: “Your haste has
: jeopardised the fulfilment of our Covenant, threatened our grand design.
: That you shall be spared a public display of our contempt is thanks only
: to Mercy and his wise council.”

: But that's not all that struck me. Take a look at these two portraits:

: The image of the Prophet is from Tina Leyks' "Know Your Place", and
: so obviously the posing isn't intentional on Bungie's part. But there's
: more to look at there. Not only is their dress similar, but take note that
: Chinese Emperors sat on what was known as the Dragon Throne. It seems to
: me that the thrones of the Prophets are rather dragon-like too. They fly,
: they breath 'fire', and can become "invisible" as they teleport
: - all traditional attributes of Chinese dragons.

: One further thing of note is the 'foreign policy' framework both the Covenant
: and the pre-Xianfeng Qing Empire utilise. Until the Opium War between the
: Qing and British Empires in the mid-19th Century forced Daoguang's court
: to change its ways, Chinese relations had always been based on the belief
: that "China" or rather the Zhongguo / Middle Kingdom was the
: centre of the world, its Emperor was the sole Sovereign, and all other
: nations were 'outer tribes' who had to present themselves as tributary
: states of the Zhongguo. We are reminded in the later High Charity mission
: background-speak the way in which the Covenant conducted its foreign
: affairs in the past - races either joined the Covenant willingly or were
: destroyed.

: Whilst I agree I could be mistaken and everything I've pointed out could just
: be coincidence... until being refuted, I rather believe that Bungie took a
: lot of their inspiration for the Prophets from the Ming and Qing Emperors.

I don't get how the two quotes are similar at all, other than they are both by rulers who are mad.

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