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Re: forgive me if I'm the first...
Posted By: RocksliderDate: 4/4/06 2:46 p.m.

In Response To: Re: forgive me if I'm the first... (Peptuck)

: Bah. Even with the lack of pretty pictures, RS, your stuff still kicks ass.
: There's no limit to what unhealthy obsession can accomplish! :P

Thanks. Unhealthy obsession, yeah that sounds about right. Must... kill... more... Covenant... scum...

: That said, I've been trying to make the Grunts on the plateau in SC fall off
: the plateau and do the hilarious falling and screaming, but I'm haveing
: some trouble. I think I know where they do their diving falls, but I can't
: seem to get them to jump off the edge.

My piece tells you whereabouts to stand, but the Grunts mostly do the stumbling off the edge when they rush over towards you. So, it's not enough for you to just stand there. Back off so they do too; then move in closer and fire a shot to attract them over; and maybe an eager Grunt will take one step too far. Clumsy little fin-backed fool. If not, back off again etc.

Bad Cyborg

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                       Re: forgive me if I'm the first...Rockslider 4/4/06 2:46 p.m.

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