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Re: forgive me if I'm the first...
Posted By: Peptuck <>Date: 4/3/06 10:12 p.m.

In Response To: Re: forgive me if I'm the first... (Rockslider)

: Well, you're certainly the first to suggest that half of what I say is
: unintelligible, and ok, I forgive you. But I try to be as clear as
: possible, and I take a lot of care with the wording. Possibly you're a bit
: too used to having stuff shown in pictures and movies. Visualizing things
: from words takes more effort, which might be all you need. I might go
: hi-tech some day (I've often wanted to be able to show stuff such as
: megabattle footage), but not while I've only got a slow connection.

: Ok, now I'm off to type up another vague description of covie-bashing...

Bah. Even with the lack of pretty pictures, RS, your stuff still kicks ass. There's no limit to what unhealthy obsession can accomplish! :P

That said, I've been trying to make the Grunts on the plateau in SC fall off the plateau and do the hilarious falling and screaming, but I'm haveing some trouble. I think I know where they do their diving falls, but I can't seem to get them to jump off the edge.

Jack Bauer > j00

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