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Re: Five bits of SC fun
Posted By: TheGarbageMan <>Date: 4/2/06 2:17 p.m.

In Response To: Five bits of SC fun (Rockslider)

: I seem to be having lots of new fun on the Silent Cartographer island lately.
: Documenting part of this, I've just added five related items to the level
: 4 fun section at Bad Cyborg . Two deep descents, two novel ways of
: attacking the enemy, and a Warthog mishap: (1) Descent into the main
: facility abyss . Descend into the abyss in the main facility with a
: succession of jumps, starting with a Warthog-assisted jump off the
: 'cutscene platform'. Doubtless old news to tricksters, but it's new to me
: at least, and maybe it'll be new to a few other cyborgs too. What a trip.

: (2) Descent into the substation abyss . Likewise, descend into the abyss in
: the security substation. Easier, but I couldn't get all the way down.

: (3) Prong attack . No, I don't mean attack the enemy with a prong, though
: it's a nice enough idea. After the Warthog-assisted jump that starts a
: descent into the the main facility abyss, you can stop there on a 'prong'
: and have great fun attacking lots of enemies, deliberately bypassed on
: your way down to the Silent Cartographer and up again. Rocket launcher,
: anyone? You'll have loads of fun with grenades too; it's great to see
: enemies frantically trying to dive clear and then getting blown off
: anyway, sometimes still alive.

: (4) Platform attack . Attack bypassed enemies from another novel position,
: namely the cutscene platform where MC strolls out and commits and act of
: wanton vandalism. More good fun.

: (5) Warthog mishap . Send a manned Warthog into the main facility abyss with
: a huge three-blast explosion. Oops!

: More island fun to come.
Wow, I think I'm gonna go try these right now :D
Thanks, and I like the nice, long descriptions


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