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The religious facade of the Prophets.
Posted By: DD <>Date: 1/31/06 5:42 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Prophets+Humans=Forerunner (Really LONG) (Twelve Large)

: Have you read the Conversations of the Universe?

I actually read my friends' copy in calculus class the first day H2 was out, i didnt have an xbox then. I finished translating the letter from truth to mercy that first night. lol

: The fifth letter is from the 'Prophet of Supposition' to the Covenant's
: Council of Deed and Doctrine titled "The Flood: A question of
: Faith." It reveals that the Flood were, apparently, completely
: unexpected by the Covenant, and that the Covenant have no idea as to how
: it got there. It is possible to think, according to the contents of the
: letter ("[The Flood] may prove an ally]"), that the Covenant may
: construct Flood-based weapons.

Forgive me if I make any false assumptions, I don't have quick access to the Conversations. I bought my copy of H2 used from Blockbuster, and naturally it didn't come with any instruction booklets or the like. Not to mention the "Conversations" section on the HSP is somewhat worthless.

Anyways, does the Prophet of Supposition define his audience in his letter? Is it for the eyes of the prophets only, or is it for all the Covenant to read? This letter could be no more than a sneaky effort to explain to the Elites, Grunts, etc. the "surprise" the Prophets felt at the discovery of the flood.

The prophets may know this letter is a lie for propaganda, but the prophets may not be the intended audience.

: The Prophets believe in the Great Journey. They're religious fanatics. Either
: that, or the Prophet of Truth is one lonely individual who lies to
: everyone so he can escape on the ark and live in a world all by himself.

What is the lifespan of a Prophet? Could they be ridiculously old? I ask this because Regret is obviously "young" and reckless compared to Mercy and Truth. Maybe the countless years of preaching the "Great Journey" to the rest of the Covenant has convinced the younger prophets that it really is true.

Truth and Mercy do not seem to share Regrets zeal for "lighting this holy ring". Maybe they have kept him on as a Hierarch to keep the facade of religous zeal up for the Covenant to see.

: I just think the Prophet of Truth is a serious Covenant bible thumper. We're
: the demons, his beliefs are the truth, and there's no inbetween.

: The heritics and the humans seem to know more about halo and the forunners
: than the Prophets do.

They are "bible thumpers" because that is the only way to force the elites, grunts, etc. into servitude within the Covenant. Calling humans demons is a way of convincing the Covenant to fight them.

If the prophets are such supreme religous fanatics, why are they so keen on eliminating the heretic? Their own faith would by no means be threatened, and it seems they have no problem causing a divide in the Covenant when they replace all the Elite guards with Brutes.

Perhaps the prophets see the Heretic as such a real threat because they know he speaks the truth. Maybe from his speeches, they have guessed he has 343 GS, and they want the Monitor more than they want him silenced.

I think I made an earlier post about why the prophets want the monitor in their grasp so badly.

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