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Re: Misc. questions
Posted By: DD <>Date: 1/30/06 5:31 p.m.

In Response To: Misc. questions (yakaman)

: Very nice theory. Things I like: - Explains Prophets dislike of humanity
: - Provides motive for misinformation of the Prophets to rest of Covies
: - Explains survival/presence of different species
: - New, original twist. Tasty.

: I have some questions/comments....

: 1.) How do you explain the Prophets stopping at nothing to begin the Great
: Journey? Meaning, they've just about got the whole galaxy under their
: thumb, so why wipe it all out? If they were only trying to destroy
: humanity, then it fits. But they are trying to destroy humanity *and* fire
: the Halos?

Are we certain that the want to actually fire the halos? I said that the Prophets came up with the "Great Journey" to dupe the elites, grunts, etc. into following them. Maybe they told this to the Covenant as an excuse to search for the rings. The prophets know the truth behind the halos, and they do not want humans to reach them first and fire them. They tell the Arbiter to recover the index, but did they ever intend to use it? Maybe they just wanted to keep it out of the hands of the humans. I think Tartarus took the "Great Journey" story too seriously, and his desire to be favored by the prophets urges him to fire the rings as he believed the prophets commanded.

Why do the prophets suddenly dump the Elites for the Brutes? Maybe the Heretic has too great an influence, maybe he knows too much of the truth about the Halos. The prophets must get rid of all the elites not because they endanger the Great Journey, but because they are starting to see the ulterior motive behind the formation of the Covenant.

: 2.) Why to the monitors only ever reference humanity? I know we are
: Reclaimers - but I think the only way the Covies are ever referenced by
: the monitors are with terms like "others" and
: "interlopers".

Maybe those terms are only in reference to the elites, grunts, brutes, etc.
We see very little interaction between Monitors and Prophets. Perhaps GS 343's impatience with them stems from the Prophet's divergence from the original plan of the Forerunners.

: 3.) Do you believe that humans were hidden? It seems that by your theory the
: Prophets act as "Memory" of the Forerunner, tasked with
: recovering the species and restoration of Forerunner culture, with Humans
: as "Reclaimers", tasked with reclaiming all Forerunner
: technology (not just Halo firing) and restoring the society to its
: technological level. It seems like the Prophets would have been provided
: with locations of all Arks/species. If they wanted to usurp Humanity's
: power, why not come sooner?

For a weapon as powerful as the Halos, it makes sense that the Forerunners would want to keep the two peices of the key, the memory and the reclaimers, separated until both were ready for the task. By sending each species to a different planet, the Forerunners ensure that each species returns to its former level of civilization before reuniting.
It also seems that the prophets only recently learned the location at earth, and thus the most important location to humanity's role in the Halo system.

: 4.) In your theory, I think I prefer humans and Prophets only (not the rest
: of the Covenant) as Forerunner. It gives it a sort of Cane and Abel feel
: to it.

I agree, I think the theory more sense this way.

: Note that the questions above are really just to expand the thoery, not
: disprove it. I'm not trying to burst your bubble, only see how far it can
: be taken. In any case, nice work!


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