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Prophets+Humans=Forerunner (Really LONG)
Posted By: DD <>Date: 1/29/06 7:45 a.m.

A few nights ago, I was talking to my friend about the Halo story, he has not read the books or explored the HSP as I have, so I was explaining to him a few of the major theories.

He made a very good point about the Forerunner, one that I never thought of. I'm not sure if it has been discussed here before, so forgive me if it has.
I will at least acknowledge that many parts of this theory come from existing ideas.

Here goes:

-Humans are Forerunner. So are the prophets. And *maybe* the elites, and Hunters, and Grunts, etc. Perhaps all intelligent species in the universe were forerunner.

-All of the forerunner species were threatened by the Flood. They cooperated in the construction of the Halos, and agreed on the need to fire them.

-There is more than one Ark, in fact, there was one for each species.

-The Arks would protect their occupants from the destruction of the Halos, each ark had a small population of a species. (To make an example, one ark was located on/in Earth, it carried only humans, but enough to repopulate the planet after the Halos fired. This was the only ark capable of triggering the halos.)

-The initial firing of the Halos was agreed upon by the entire Forerunner society, in other words every species in the universe consented.

-To make sure that the Halos could not be fired again without universal consent, steps were taken to prevent any individual species from being able to trigger them.

-Only the humans, identified by Halo's firing systems through their DNA, could physically push "the button" (insert the Index). Because of this, human memory was voluntarily erased when the Halos first fired. That way humans had the ABILITY to fire the halos, but not the KNOWLEDGE. With their memory erased, the surviving humans would know nothing about the halos and they alone could not fire them.

-They prophets were denied the physical ability to fire the halos, or push the button, but they were left with the knowledge of the forerunners. They know the purpose and history of the halos, and even the role of the humans in the firing.

-The forerunner intended to reunite after the Halos fired. Their civilizations started over on separate planets (since they were in separate Arks) but they assumed that the Prophets would inform the humans and others of what happened, and universal peace would resume as it was before, but without the flood.

-If it became necessary to fire the halos again, it would require cooperation between the humans and the prophets.

-The Prophets resented being deprived the power to fire the Halos. They were jealous that humans, although oblivious, held the actual key in their DNA. They feared that humans could figure out the purpose/power of the halos and dominate the galaxy

-After the halos were first fired, the small population of Prophets made it their mission to rule the universe by eliminating the human threat. Because their memories were not erased, they excelled at rebuilding civilization and easily recovered Forerunner technology.

-They found the Elites, grunts, etc. and fed them the Great Journey bull to gain their cooperation. They really did not want to fire the Halos because they knew that consequences. Their real goal was to find the human Ark so they could survive any Halo firing (accidentally triggered by a human).

Humans and prophets were both members of the forerunner society. Humans were given the genetic key to the halos, but were deprived of their memory. Prophets retained their memories, and thus were given the instructions for the halos, but were denied keys, or the capacity to use their memories.

Sorry for the length of this post, I find it hard to be concise. I am sure a lot of what I have said can be proven wrong, so please feel free to critique/expand upon this theory.

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