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Stubbs Review *OT*
Posted By: N1NJ4Date: 11/4/05 2:15 a.m.

Don't know if anyone is interested in this, but these are my thoughts on stubbs

As a warning, this is a biased review. I want to like Stubbs based not on how good the game is, but what it represents. A successful Stubbs could be the beginning of the path to a market that isn’t filled with sequels made by huge companies.

The only copy of Stubbs the Zombie in the local EB Games was hidden behind some iteration of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

I was pretty pumped to play by the time I was out of EB and back to my room, and the music only excited me more. Ben Kweller’s amusing rendition of “Lollypop” set the tone well for this light hearted and temporally confused game. When I started to play, I felt a little sick. Make no mistake, this game is gross. After all, you are a zombie whose M.O seems to be to munch as many brains as he can. In this game, the roles are reversed. The humans die humorously, often politely requesting that you stop eating their brains. Your undead buddies however, do not go so pleasantly.

For me, there is no joy greater than whistling to my complete army of festering undead and knowing that they are my minions. The warm feeling I get when one of them is eating a brain, however, is nothing short of creepy. Its like I have a family: I feed them, push them, and occasionally use them to take bullets for me. The creation and manipulating of zombies is by far the most important as far as game play is concerned.

After making it through the first 3 levels on the tough difficulty without a single death, it was pretty clear that this isn’t meant to be a hard game. After the second boss fight (I think, boss fights aren’t very clearly defined) it became clear why. If the game is hard, it won’t be fun. By the time you are through, if you die a few times, you will have seen most of the content that this game has to offer. I played through the game once in co-op, and most of the way through again in single player.

The question I ended up asking myself was not, ‘did I enjoy this game?” because without question I did, I had a ball playing it. What I do wonder is if the game was worth the money for the time I spent playing it. Right now, all Stubbs is to me is another box on the shelf.

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Stubbs Review *OT*N1NJ4 11/4/05 2:15 a.m.
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