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Posted By: Stuntmutt <>Date: 8/29/05 12:21 p.m.

Transatlantic LAN Antics.

A "Suffer THIS!" NYC LAN Writeup.

A little while ago, I received an email from Mig Chavez asking me if I was free the third week in August. I said I was, and asked if he was coming to London, because I'd be happy to take him out, show him round etc. His reply said simply, "more like you coming over here."

Mig was holding a LAN party. However, in this case, the L stood for anything but Local. BOLL and X9 were coming from Sweden. c0ld Vengeance and myself were coming from the UK. Anton P. Nym of Enkidu fame was making the journey from Canada. Even some of the American atendees had quite a long haul - Warbow was driving in from Ohio (which actually took longer than for us to fly in from London), and Shishka was coming from Seattle.

My fiancee is very understanding. She tolerates me sneaking off onto Live every time she's out of the room for five minutes. She tolerates the Master Chief and Elite action figures that mar the look of the 'shabby chic' decor she has worked so hard on in our flat. She tolerated the fact that we're saving up to get married next year and I'm blowing a load of money on a flight to the USA to play video games. She even got up to drive myself and c0ld to Heathrow airport at five in the morning. Come on. If that's not "The One" material, I don't know what is.

Mig Chavez.

So c0ld and I got on an American Airlines (wait for it) 777 and eight hours minus five hours time difference later, we strode out into the arrivals lounge at JFK airport, to be greeted by a smiling man holding a sign which read, "c0ld & Stuntmutt," then in smaller letters underneath, "I don't think we're in Kansas any more." It was Mig.

Mig is a top bloke. Down to earth, unassuming, friendly, a really warm character. He drove us from the airport back to his home in Queens, pointing out such landmarks as Shay Stadium and the flying Saucers from Men In Black. He took us to his favourite diner for a quick pit stop and we ate and chatted. The conversation was very "on topic", lots about Halo, Live and gametypes. Mig mentioned a gametype that had come to his attention via KP, with the colourful monicker of "Fist Ass Extreme."

Now I said my fiancee was understanding. She had made some jokes about flying out to another country to hook up with a bunch of men I'd met on the internet. I could see that understanding being somewhat stretched by a phonecall along the lines of "Hi angel, arrived safely. Just waiting for some more guys to arrive then we're all gonna play Fist Ass Extreme."

Mig told us that BOLL and X9 had arrived and were staying with Louis Wu out in Connecticut. c0ld and Mig then broke into fluent Swedish and conversed freely for several minutes. Or so I thought. c0ld later told me they were actually discussing the ramifications of playing at PAL 50 as opposed to PAL 60 in plain English. Mig 's phone went. He said it was Wu and that he'd be bringing "The Swedish twins" over later that evening.

"Hi angel. We're having some Swedish twins over tonight..."

Mig lives in Queens. His street and house really look like the exterior shots in 'The King Of Queens' (or at least they do to my English eyes). I kept expecting Lou Ferrigno to appear next door watering the plants. Mig's living room is open plan, and it was here he was going to house all the equipment. After c0ld and I had scoured Mig's TiVo in vain for any reference to the cricket score back home, c0ld got to work hooking up wires and cables while Mig and I went out to a hire company to get some furniture.

It's worth pointing out that such things have to be considered. Even though Mig kept referring to it as a small LAN, sixteen people need places to sit, and tables to put their gear on (not to mention the innumerable bags of chips, drinks and M&Ms that Mig had so kindly stocked up on). I know I couldn't scare up sixteen chairs and half a dozen tables in my flat. Hence we headed off to "Party Time", a company that rents out everything you could need for social gatherings. As an aside, I have to mention the delicious irony of hearing one of the ladies who worked there pick up the phone, and in a flat monotone that rivalled Marvin The Paranoid Android, mournfully answer, "Party Time."

An hour or so later, Mig's front room was starting to metamorphose. There were tables all along one wall, chairs everywhere, a couple of Xboxes set up and televisions lined up in readiness. c0ld and I started some real time Halo CE racing. We both started Pillar of Autumn (Legendary) simultaneously, first to the cutscene the winner. Then Mig and I played co-op Legendary T&R. Poor Mig. I was a first class hindrance to all his valiant efforts. He was very patient with me, but his voice soon took on the same tone as the "Party Time" lady, and he spoke in ever decreasing sentence lengths -
"Don't get too far ahead Stunt, you'll trigger the next wa..."
"Stunt, your shields are down, be caref..."
"Stunt, behind y..."

We headed out to a Chinese restaurant, and when we returned, BOLL, X9 and Louis Wu were waiting outside to greet us. It was great to see BOLL again, his friend X9 is a great lad (though I swear he spent the weekend singling me out as the person to kill most each game) and finally, I got to meet the man behind

Louis Wu.

By thunder he's tall! Stiff neck tall. Hey you up there tall. He can be a bit of a giggler as well. Good natured, friendly, happy go lucky. He'd even brought a case of good beer. How could I not take to him immediately? But, oh friends, put an Xbox controller in his hands, start up a game of Halo and Louis Jekyll becomes Wu Hyde!

Louis Jekyll says it's all about fun. Enjoying the games. Playing to have a good time.
Wu Hide is a competitive, vicious, no quarter asked or given player whose trash talk could scare sailors out of bars.

De Niro had "You lookin' at me?" in Taxi Driver. Johnny Depp explained "Fuhgeddaboudit" in Donnie Brasco. For Louis Wu, the stock phrase that can be used to express almost any emotion is "You guys suck! "When he wins a game, "You guys suck!" When he loses a game,"You guys suck!" etc. During the course of the evening, over many games of Halo 2 Assault, Rocket Ball, Slayer, CTF and Snipers, we heard plenty of both iterations, plus many variations therof. Oh, and if you want further proof...

A bit later in the weekend, we played a game of Oddball on Backwash. Wu was getting more and more irate about people killing him when he didn't even have the ball. The more he complained, the more c0ld and I went out of our way to kill him. When he asked why we kept doing it, I said because it was hilarious watching him getting more and more wound up, which, indeed, merited the most vehement "You guys SUCK!" of the weekend.

We all crashed out in the wee small hours. Sadly, my sense of time was all over the place due to the transatlantic time shift and I was wide awake again a few hours later. It was five o'clock in the morning. My body thought it was ten o'clock the following day. I sat and waited for the rest of the world to catch up with me. I vaguely recalled that somebody had disgraced themselves by drinking way too much beer and spitting some all over the carpet. I think it was c0ld. Uh, yeah, c0ld, must've been...

More Arrivals.

The Swedes were up pretty early, so I played some Halo 2 co-op with X9. We did Cairo Station on Legendary, and again, I was an albatross around my partner's neck. After we'd died several times in the same place, and always because of me, X9 quietly said, "This is challenging." I don't think he meant because of the difficulty setting...

Mig joined us and offered X9 a one on one race through the same level. It was a sucker bet. Mig was good. Speed run good. X9 is no mean Halo player, but Mig beat him to the flying pickle by several minutes. Speaking of speed runs, Ducain of High Impact Halo arrived, having driven in from West Virginia. More Xboxes got hooked up to more TVs. It was really starting to look like a LAN now.

I then got to see something very interesting indeed. I had a unique insight into a Day In The Life of Louis Wu. Now we can all guess how much effort Louis puts into updating HBO and the amount of time it must take. But actually witnessing it really brings home just how labour intensive and time consuming it is. He was somewhat hamstrung by having to remote access his systems, and the fact that his security routines, put in place by his good self, were so effective that they were even baffling him at some points. But while the rest of us sat back and enjoyed multiplayer carnage, Louis dutifully combed through his inbox which was crammed with hundreds of new messages (including ones offering him four extra inches and procedures to straighten out any sharp bends!).

He reads ALL your emails. He reads ALL the forum posts. He gets genuinely excited when movies get high scores from the MPRSS. He gets really upset (I'm talking borderline depression) when he thinks he's made a bad job of something, say converting a movie from a wmv to quicktime. I can't stress enough how much work he puts in. It's quite, quite amazing, and obviously a labour of love. I'm not trying to kiss his ass (I've just spent three days trying, with arguable success, to kick it) but hats off to you, sir, hats off.

I was also taken aback by the rapport between Mig and Louis. They know all about us. All of us. They obviously talk on the phone and by email all the time, and pick up where they left off on conversations about who is doing what, who's doing great stuff, who's being a dick, who to keep an eye on for good or ill. They're like a Neighbourhood Watch for the Halo Community.

We had a break for New York City pizza (topped with cheese thick as roof insulation!), then set up to have some Old Skool fun with system linked Halo CE Multiplayer. Shotgun CTF on Battle Creek. The shotguns! Oh my days, the shotguns! Devastating from half a map away, instant kills, a kick like a mule. Rocketball on Hang 'Em High. The rocket launchers! Hooley dooley, the rocket launchers! Slow to reload, sluggish repeat rate, seemingly smaller blast radius. I hadn't put Halo in my Xbox since the release of Halo 2. It was amazing in several ways to play it after getting so used to H2. The original's graphics now seem so dated and primitive, but the games themselves were insanely fun.

A player called Jynx arrived. I didn't know him from any forums or the online community, but apparently he'd met Mig at a LANfest, they'd become friends and he'd attended quite a few. We switched back to Halo 2 and played Ninjanaut, Snipers on Midship ("Snipers on Midship? Who gave c0ld party leader?!") and a game of first to three Assault on Zanzibar that seemed to go on for hours. Because NO-ONE arms the bomb on my watch. Precious hup! There was also a somehat amusing comment from a Mr c. Vengeance along the lines of "Nobody panic. Wu's got the sniper." Heh heh heh.

I must confess that at this point, I conked out. I had to stumble away and crash out, so I missed the arrival of a load more players, and dozens of matches that went on into the night. Curse my jetlagged eyes!

16 Players.

Woke early again the next morning. Wandered up to the front room to see bodies littering sofa and floor, people I didn't recognise. I went back towards my room and was greated in the hall by a bearded gentleman whom I recognised from a photo I'd once seen. Even if I hadn't, I'd know the voice anywhere.
"Hey Stunt."
Now, there were a lot of people I'd been looking forward to meeting. But one in particular was Warbow. We had a bit in common, both having made little Halo comics, but also, because of the way things worked out for him, Warbow plays Xbox Live at the same time of day as we do in Europe. We're members of the same clan, the HBO Helljumpers and we play together over Live all the time. It was great to put a person to the name. Wu staggered out of his room in nobbut a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. You know how images burn into monitors? My eyes SO needed a screensaver right then.

The three of us tip-toed round the prostrate gamers and headed out to a Dunkin Donuts. We ate bagels, drank industrial sized vats of coffee and just shot the breeze about what we did for a living, state of the nation, everything and nothing. It was great. For me, the whole point of a LAN is social as well as gaming. Actually meeting guys you've known only via email and intermittent communicators for the first time. For those who argue that video games make people insular and cut them off from human interaction, I'm holding up two fingers. Count 'em. They're both for you.

Back at the LAN, it was like the Dawn Of the Dead. Corpses rose from the floor, shambled to bathrooms and refrigerator, hauled themselves into chairs. Xboxes were booted up. Projector TVs flickered into life. Anton P. Nym (aka Steve) was here. Fuhrman (a friend of Jynx's) was here. Count Zero and Finn were around. Nof and KP (resplendent in his pink shirt) joined us. We played Halo 2. Fuhrman said he had to go to work. Mig, the old, wise head, gave him the responsible and fatherly advice that he should cop a sickie and stay with us! Fuhrman played with the gamertag 'Muddbutt.' I suggested we should join forces and become 'Stuntbutt.' But I believe Nicole Kidman already employs someone to fulfill that role.

Konrad appeared with two dozen of the most fantastic doughnuts. Lophan and his friend Drawls showed up. They were both first class geezers, and Lophan has a wicked, dry sens of humour. Again, that social element. You don't just get to meet people you're acquainted with, you get to meet new people, make new friends. We introduced one another to new gametypes - c0ld and I threw in Chamb0 Flag (a cross between SWAT and multiflag CTF) and Tower Of Power (not, in fact, named after my winkle, but a game that requires the storming of a single turret on Ascension - 250 kills, shotguns, no shields, Ascension, primary turret on). I think the latter went down particularly well judging by the "oohs", "aahs" and general caterwauling for its duration.

We also observed what I'm told is a LAN tradition and changed our gamertags so that we were playing as people who couldn't be with us. For some, the screenshots we took of the lineups will be an affectionate nod. But possibly not so for others ;-)

It was a good mix of players - there were some really skilled guys (KP, Jynx, X9, Konrad, Fuhrman was), some above average players (c0ld found a rich seam of form, Mig knows his way around) some surprise packages (BOLL is a stone killer on the quiet), then down at the lower end, myself and Steve. I'm sure Steve won't mind me saying, but he and I were sort of wildcards. No-one expected much from us, but now and again, we might just pull off a little move or be the extra man that made the difference and turned the game. Either way, we were having a whale of a time.

I've never been one for the Zombies gametype, but we played it on Backwash, and with the gentlemen present it was a blast. Jynx kept issuing a creepily deep and guttural cry of "Braaaiiiiiiiiiins", and as the zombies grew in number, they struck up a unison chant of "One of us, one of us, ONE OF US..." whilst roaming the map looking for stragglers.

And I'd just like to take this opportunity to mention that c0ld Vengeance is a screenwatching f*cktard.

Mig brought in some amazing Chinese/Indian fusion food. The lily-livered scuttled off and ordered pizza, but several of us tucked in to the delightfully spicy, unusual dishes Mig had selected. It ended up with Mig, myself and Nof sitting back as Jynx regaled us with his absolutely unpostable exploits with the opposite sex. I swear there's a book in that man. At the very least, a TV series that the other HBO would give their clackers for. A sort of "Sex and the City - The Revenge of the Blokes ."

We played more. Between you, me and the gatepost, single bomb on Gemini was a surprise hit that I'm sure will start to feature a lot more in our custom games on Live. But with 16 men in close proximity, a couple of projector TVs pumping out a serious amount of heat, the aftermath of spicy food and gallons of carbonated drinks, as you can probably imagine, things were getting a little...ripe.

We broke for some fresh air and sat in Mig's garden. I'd purchased a litre of Jack Daniel's (come on - Old No. 7 - had to be done!) on the flight. Half a dozen of us saw it off in under thirty minutes. Job jobbed, gents. Again, more responsible advice from Mig. He urged me to keep plying Wu with bourbon to see if we could get some meaty stories out of him (sadly to no avail). We overheard some techno music coming from a house on the street behind Mig's. He shrugged and said there were some funny goings on over there sometimes. Uh huh? His was the residence with repeated shotgun blasts and raucous howls issuing out of the windows!

So there we were. 16 men. Thrown together. Fired up by liquor. KP had a pink shirt on. There was only one thing for it. It was time. Time for...

Fist Ass Extreme.

The idea is it's kind of a 'blind' Slayer game type. But played as an Oddball match. Plasma pistol starting weapon. Random secondary. Three oddballs on map. The object is not to pick the oddballs up. As I said, it's a slayer game. but because it's Oddball, you don't get to see how many kills you're making (the respawn screen shows accumulated time instead). You play until you get sick of it and end the game by general consent. It's only in the post game lobby that you find out how many kills you made and who actually won.

This was another game type that went down a storm. Each time you spawn, you instantly switch to the secondary weapon to see what you got. Every respawn was like Christmas morning with the rocket launcher taking the place of a shiny, red bicycle and the magnum a proverbial lump of coal. The air rang with triple kills, killtaculars, BOLL's bizarre exclamations (his English is excellent, but he prefers to 'speak' in sound effects and facial expressions), me repeatedly yelling "X9, you #@$&!!!" and 'someone' wailing that "You guys suck!"

KP won. He's a very good player. Oh, but did I mention he was wearing a PINK SHIRT?

Again, for me it was crash out time, but others played on til about three/three thirty. Louis had to get home to be with his family the following day so I bade him a bleary eyed farewell. Quite a few others disappeared that night and early the following morning. If I didn't say goodbye, my apologies. You were all top blokes!

The Tail Enders.

By Sunday morning, we were much reduced in number. But swelling the ranks, we had the arrival of bungie's favourite prodigal son, Shishka. I have to say, I expected Shishka to be a little reserved, a bit of a serious chap. That's possibly because he's best known for wielding his admin powers to exact swift and terrible retribution at the drop of a n00b. In person, he's got a great sense of humour and is a really good laugh. I'd almost go as far as to call him jolly, but I won't, for fear of damaging his 'hard man of forums' image. He also turned up with an armful of goodies that we've been circling like sunstruck vultures since his arrival...

We started the day off gently with a screening of "28 Days Later." As it was playing, I mentioned to Shishka my surprise as how serious Louis takes his playing. Shishka laughed and said one day he was going to get Louis a t-shirt printed up that says "Stop shooting me you assholes!" We watched soem Red vs Blue Season 3 Public Service Announcements then got a few games together.

There was an epic game of CTF classic on Coagulation that I really enjoyed, culminating with me walking the flag from their base to the rocks outside our base, only to have c0ld run me down in a ghost. But before he could return it, Shishka nipped in and got the capture. Three nil to the blues! Trousers down for the reds!

Somewhat foolishly, I suggested a USA vs The Rest Of The World best-of-three mini tourney. That was me, c0ld, X9, BOLL and Steve against KP, Shishka, Warbow, Konrad and Count Zero. We even stacked the deck by insisting on our favourite ChambO Flag gametype.
They shafted us sideways. KP labelled our sniper "Sir Miss A Lot." They spanked our bottoms on our own gametype. They scored double our time on Sanctuary Oddball. We were so disheartened, we chickened out of the pointless third game. Team America. F*ck yeah.

Shishka introduced everyone to Team Showers, apparently a bungie office favourite (sadly, I missed this game as I went out to call home. No, I didn't mention Fist Ass Extreme). Then we played a Juggernaut game where the Juggernaut was ridiculously fast, strong as Hercules and invisible. I never got a look in, and ended on a score of -2! I was sharing a screen with Count Zero who was doing very well, and even when I tried to screen watch, he was beating the tar out of me. But while we were playing, Steve raised an interesting point. We'd been litening to the game announcer's voice echoing inside our skulls all weekend. And what a voice. But can you imagine having a voice like that in everyday life? Steve wondered what it might be like when the guy orders a pizza - "Double cheese. TRIPLE CHEESE." And upon being told the price, "Un-freakin' believable!"

By now, everyone was pretty Haloed out. We chilled and watched a movie (Spaceballs!) while Mig whipped up a pasta dish. It has to be noted that Mig is a dab hand in the kitchen. He made us fresh pancakes from scratch, cooked pasta, sauce and side dishes and laid on a sensational breakfast buffet this morning that I'm ashamed to say I visited no less then three times.

Konrad and Count Zero departed, KP went home. We loaded up Halo CE once more and played Nuclear Shotgun CTF again, followed by a ridiculous game of Rocketball on Prisoner. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. We managed so little accumulated time that eventually, we just ended the game. And that just about ended the night for me.

Dry Your Eyes Mate.

A fond farewell to both Steve and Warbow this morning. We're down to the last five now (me and c0ld, BOLL and X9, Shishka and Mig). Everyone else has jumped onto Live and I'm tapping in this writeup. I realise that it's somewhat unusual to compose a writeup whilst still actually AT the event itself, but my feet literally aren't going to touch the ground until tomorrow, I have a ton of work on when I get back, I've spent far too long away from my lady (she'd have my plums in a jar if I got home and said "missed you, but excuse me while I just type a writeup") and the soonest I'd be able to do one would be the weekend.

Thank you to everyone. Everyone was friendly, great fun, had a good attitude, brought gear, shared stuff, pitched in. The games were played in a fantastic spirit and the whole thing was a joy from start to finish. It was an honour and a privilege to spend time with you all.

I can't thank Mig enough for his generosity, his hospitality, his expertise in the kitchen and his absolute insanity for opening his house to us all. Mig, you extended me a fabulous opportunity and I will always, always be grateful.

Louis "It's NOT about the fun, it's about me winning" Wu - you roxxor, sir. It was a pleasure to meet you at last.

Finally (jeez-a-loo, this rubbish still hasn't finished?!), just to pitch in on the ban violent video games debate. I flew across the Atlantic because there were some people I wanted to meet. Other people flew and drove even greater distances to do the same. Whilst here, I got to meet new people, friends of the friends I'd come to see.

So I got to travel. I got to see another part of the world. I was made welcome in someone else's home. I had a great time and got to make new friends. And the catalyst for all this was a video game.

Can't be all bad then, as far as I'm concerned.

All the best,

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     Stunt, that was amazing. Totally amazing.[AMS] GreyThor 8/29/05 8:20 p.m.
     random questiona lurker from ny 8/30/05 10:52 a.m.
           Tangra MasalaMiguel Chavez 8/31/05 5:13 p.m.
                 oh yes,Miguel Chavez 8/31/05 5:17 p.m.
     Tru7h!Anton P. Nym (aka Steve) 8/30/05 12:00 p.m.
     NYC LAN Writeup. *RIDICULOUSLY short*Warbow 8/30/05 12:22 p.m.
           Re: NYC LAN Writeup. *RIDICULOUSLY short*demonelite 8/30/05 12:26 p.m.
           That rules, Warbow.. *NM*Sweden-MB 8/30/05 12:31 p.m.
           Re: NYC LAN Writeup. *RIDICULOUSLY short*Count Zero 8/30/05 2:10 p.m.
                 Re: NYC LAN Writeup. *RIDICULOUSLY short*Louis Wu 8/30/05 2:14 p.m.
                       Re: NYC LAN Writeup. *RIDICULOUSLY short*Anton P. Nym (aka Steve) 8/30/05 2:20 p.m.
                             I pwn you allJillybean 8/30/05 2:21 p.m.
                                   There's a firstWarbow 8/30/05 2:43 p.m.
                                         Not at all . . .Jillybean 8/30/05 3:04 p.m.
                                               I'm walking awayWarbow 8/30/05 3:11 p.m.
                                                     You're a better man then me...7he grunt w/a plasma pistol 8/30/05 4:14 p.m.

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