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Twin Galaxies Bounty Completed *LONG*
Posted By: Cody MillerDate: 8/28/05 12:27 a.m.

Some of you may remember the Twin Galaxies halo 2 bounty ( Fastest time through the game on Legendary wins 250 dollars, however one stipulation was that you could not die. At first I thought beatign the game in one go on Legendary with zero deaths was impossible, however the more I thought about it, the more it looked like it could be done. A few days ago I did just that, Legendary with zero deaths. The time from the xbox startup to the credit's end is 3hrs 28 min. I mailed the tape in today, and it's not official until it's reviewed by Twin galaxies, but I think this proves it can be done. Basically it involves a lot of persistance, and some luck. I've been trying on and off to do this since it was announced last december.

Not sure how many people would want to watch a 3 and a half hour video of so so quality, as it was recorded onto a VHS tape, so I've decided to do a write up. If anybody uses this to beat my time, I will cry.

Basically, I approched each level thinking "What is the safest way to beat it?". Speed wasn't a concern, although often the fastest route is the safest. Even after finding the safest route through the game, it was still pretty damn hard.

Main points:

Find the location of every Jackal sniper, and figure out how to either circumvent, or easily neutralize them. I thought these guys would be the biggest problem in completing the bounty, but most of them can be skipped easily and taken out of the equasion. There are some you have to fight, but I've developed strategies for making them as easy as possible to kill safely.

Don't play too passively. It's a good idea to be somewhat agressive, but not reckless. If you play passively, you'll get stuck, cornered, and die. For instance, playing hide and seek in the second pelican bay will only get you killed when the dual wielding spec ops elites cut you off on both sides of the barrier in the middle. Always have an out.

It's always easier to skip enemies than to fight. A shorcut might be tough, but it's better than risking death. Practicing a shortcut is easy, what you have to do doesn't change. The AI however, is unpredictable. I'd always put my money on what's certain.

Cairo Station: 12 min 14 sec

I played Cairo station pretty agressively. It's the first level, so it not that big a deal to restart after dying. After dropping down behind the boarding party, you can also slip past the second set of enemies by just running past and shooting out the glass on the staircase, jumping up, and running through the door. The second pelican bay was played with a PP/BR hanging out near the area above the stairs right by the grenades and BR ammo. Other than not jumping down onto the elevator, but rather fighting the drones, the rest of the level is identical to my Speedrun.

Outskirts: 5min 38 sec

Suprisingly, this level is easiest when played like a speedrun. I used the route I did in my first speedrun, shown here Even though there are faster ways on top of the level, by going this way you have a plama pistol, which REALLY helps in hotel zanzibar. I took the ghost instead of the warthog, because while boosting, it's possible to get past the Jackal snipers before their pods can rise up, and so they won;t get a shot off. Take the warthog, and you risk getting sniped. Of course, in the tunnel I swap the ghost for a hog since you need the hog's durrability.

Metropolis: 5 min 53 sec

Again, the safest way is just to speed though. I had to practice this one a lot though, since there are some tricky parts. Get in the hog and take it across the bridge. When you eventually reach the wall, drive up the ramp and keep going. At this point, if your marines get out, you need to get out immediately as well and fight your way through the hard way. If your marines stay in, then you can drive up into the pipes. You need them because there is a jackal sniper perched on the top of the far wall. Your marine will fire a rocket taking him out. If there no marine to kill him, then when you turn right to drive up into the pipes, your body will be completely exposed, and you WILL get shot. My marines stayed with me, so I did not have to fight my way through.

Assaulting the scarab should be done right away. It doesn;t matter how many guys you kill on the top of it, you'll still have to face the same number on the inside, and jackal snipers come out. Basically, it's best just to bust in. With the shotgun, it's REALLY easy to do. I'm 100% while going in with a shotgun.

Arbiter: 10 min 6 sec

There's really no way to keep up the pace set in the first 3 levels the whole way though, so I pulled way back and played these levels safe. Nothing really worth noting, just be careful.

Oracle: 25 min 27 sec

When you're on the moving platform, the carbine is the best weapon to use. Using the sword tends to get me killed when I kill a flood, only to have an elite bludgeon me with a blow meant for that flood. Best to keep your distance, and you can hide in the section that slides back and forth.

The heretic leader is EASY. Goatrope showed me a foolproof way to beat him. As soon as you gain control of the arbiter, cloak. The 2 elites you see are holodrones, so the third on to come flying in is the heretic. Swipe him with you sword, and the holodrones will dissapear. Now jump on top of the seraph fighter, and look at the 4 openings near the ceiling. You'll see the heretic in one of them, so then jump over underneath it. After he gives his speech and is about to come out, clock, then swipe him with the sword again. Repeat until dead.

Delta Halo: 11 min 3 sec

Basically I went over the top of this level to skip most of it, including "Off the rock, Through the Bush, Nothing but jackal". I was very careful in the "You break iit, you buy it section" and spent time to clear that area so I could safely move on. Check out NOKYARD's speedrun of this for all the tricks sued.

Regret: 26 min 37 sec

THE HARDEST LEVEL. Period. There are so many jackal snipers on this level, you really have to know exactly where each one is before you can do this level without dying.

As you exit the first room, there will be 4 you have to kill. One is across the broken bridge, and the other 3 are randomly located on the center area. DO NOT go on until you have killed all 4. If you kill 3 and it looks clear, you'll be shot as soon as you step out. Wait it out, and eventually they will all poke their heads out.

Continue on into the hall with the carbine. Turn around, and check the balcony off in the distance. One more jackal sniper will spawn at this point, and he's usually on that balcony, but he can be in the middle section too. Be sure to kill him, and do not go on until you do. Watch for one more jackal sniper near the pillars, but he's pretty innept so you should be able to easily take him out.

Use the pillars to jump up to the top of the structure, then run around it counter clockwise. You'll get to a beam rifle, and the gondola will launch. 2 elites and 4 jackal snipers will spawn near it. Pick off each of the jackal snipers by peeking out and shooting them. You have a nice angle here, as they can't hit you very easily, but you've got a good shot.

Next set of Jackal Snipers is in the room with the big Regret hologram. There's 2 on each side, so move back and forth between the sides until you kill them all. Don't go on until you kill all 4. It helps to have marines at this point, since they can draw the fire and help you locate the little bastards.

The section where you must fight the fuel rod gun wielding grunts and jetpack elites on the gondola is the hardest section in the level. You can take out the grunts with rockets pretty easily as you approach, so they won't get a shot off, but the jetpack elites are tough. You can try hitting them with rockets, but they're fast. There's really nowhere to hide, so you need to get them quick, wither with a rocket or plasma grenade. When there's one left, you can probably get him with the battle rifle.

Sacred Icon: 13 min 27 sec

The easiest level by far. I can do this in my sleep.

Quarantine Zone: 9 min 39 sec

This is another level where rushing through is the safest way. You can try to carefully eliminate all the enemies, but you'll just end up dying.

Take the ghost, and make your way down the spiral and into the open area. There are 3 rocket launcher flood in here, which are your biggest concern. The best way to deal with them, is to cross the bridge as quickly as you can, and splatter one of the rocket flood. For some reason, the other one will drop his rocket launcher when this happens, and you can continue on. If you stay close to the cliff, the other rocket flood won't even bother you. Works 85% of the time.

On 'Shooting Gallery", go to the bottom level of the lift and you'll find a pipe that you can hide in the entire time and never have to fight at all.

Gravemind: 41 min 6 sec

This level has a LOT to worry about. Flechette's walkthrough was a lifesaver.

Uprising: 6 min 48 sec

Play it safe until you reach "Step aside, Let the Man go Through". At this point, kill everything past the door with a fuel rod gun. Now get out the carbine, and watch the bend where the ghosts come from. As soon as you see the first ghost, count to 3 then cloak. A jackal sniper will run up, and you can take him out in complete safety. Eliminate all the other brutes.

Now I basically jumped on top of the level as in flechette's speedrun, and finished the level that way. I actually found a section where you can fall, and NOT have to shoot the fuel rod gun, and you can still survive.

High Charity: 12 min 52 sec

Basically just play it really carefully.

Great Journey: 15 min 49 sec

The part with the brutes on the other side of a pit right after you meet the hunters is a lot easier if you just skip it. Basically, you can jump across the pit to the other side. Even though it involves jumping over a botomless pit and possibly dying, it's a LOT easier to master than fighting half a dozen brutes and 2 jackal snipers. Practice the shortcut. Even though flechette says it only saves 10 seconds, it saves a lot more, since you don't have to fight any of the enemies.

That's a short summary of how I did it. I'll work on digitizing and encoding the video, and put it up as a single segment full game run on if anybody wants to see a particular level, or even watch the whole damn thing.

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