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Re: *OT* The Library: the best Halo level
Posted By: rocksliderDate: 6/7/05 6:54 p.m.

In Response To: *OT* The Library: the best Halo level (Doug Auclair)

: So, I put it out to you, Halo community: the "Library" certainly is the best Halo level in my book. Agree?

I too enjoy the Library, so I thought I'd chip in a note of support. Ok it's repetitive, but it's also sort of mesmerising because of that, and also thanks to the creepy music. Doug enjoys the shotgun here (and the needler that I used to believe was perma-glued to his cyborg gloves), but for me the Library is pistol territory; that's why I like it. I'll generally go right through it using 'bait and retreat' tactics. You trigger an attack, then back off a bit and take down the mob with pistol fire. Do it right and the Flood rarely get close enough to trouble you. It's surely the safest way if that's your goal. Not that I don't appreciate a bit of close-up gung-ho stuff once in a while, but I like safety-conscious fighting for maximum realism.

But I do wish the lighting was better; it's very low-contrast, no matter what I do with the TV controls. I've tried carrots and everything. Also there are a few places where carrier forms unfairly (impossibly) materialize behind you, which breaks the realism.

I've got to comment on one point. Doug mentions that as an option you can run past nearly every enemy without firing a shot. But that's nothing to be pleased about, surely. Running or driving past entire groups of enemy will get you to the end of a level quicker ok, but it's also of zero interest combat-wise, which is why I personally adopt a "kill 'em all" policy when going through a level doing a speed run or whatever. Actually, when you can skip whole groups like this (and apparently the entire level in this case!), you could perhaps say it's a shortcoming of the game design; you're doing something the designers didn't really cope for.

As for favourite level though, there's no way it's going to a Flood level; the Covenant are way more interesting to me. Give me levels 2 or 5 anyday. Level 2 because of all that great rolling scenery and because it's got the rockslide megabattle. Level 5 because it's nice and long and there's so much additional fun to be had there, particularly the spiral path megabattle.

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