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some more information on MLG *long*
Posted By: 3SunsDate: 4/22/05 5:11 p.m.

In Response To: MLG? (dragun30)

I will just add some information, now that I have spoken, in my other post, to some old threads (I want MLG to get their name out there and "advertise" a little).

Check out the site linked by jdman2289 ( ). MLG is a professional console gamers' league with major cash prizes. The best Halo players in North America are sponsered by them and a few other entities.

If you are interested in watching the pros play, they have a great set-up called VoD (Video on Demand). You will not be able to see any Pro gameplay footage without a subscription, because they don't include snippets in their Free VoD sampler. You have to take a leap of faith.

However, if you like watching multiplayer Halo played well, for 20 bucks, you can watch pretty much until your heart's content. It is a great deal and I watch old games daily.

They also provide live feed as the tournaments are being held. I look forward to this weekend because there is a tournament happing in Orlando, and it will be broadcast via VoD. There have been complaints that the live feed is not very good. I haven't tried it yet, so I will soon find out. However, all the footage is archived for viewing at a later date, so even if they are still ironing out the live broadcast streaming issues, I will get to see it soon afterwards.

Your skill (and subsequently your enjoyment - if you are as bad as I was) at Halo will improve by watching.

Hope this info is of use to you.


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