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Re: the picture is beautiful
Posted By: Sep7imus [subnova]Date: 3/30/05 11:13 a.m.

In Response To: Re: the picture is beautiful (OldNick)

: It seems possible that this surface was originally intended to be reflective
: and environment-mapped (the effect seen on MC's visor in the first E3 Halo
: 2 demo), but was left in an anomalous half-finished state because it's so
: far out of the way that only deliberate explorers would ever see it. That
: would explain why (a) this particular image is used, and (b) why its UV
: setup is near-random. Environment map UVs are dynamically generated
: depending on viewpoint, so fixed UV values (which probably exist in every
: material data-structure by default, and which would have been initialised
: to some extent when the texture was applied to the polygons) would never
: normally be used.

: Alternatively, the artist texturing this surface simply wanted a texture
: which would appear approximately reflective when seen from long distance.
: Texture images seen from a distance need to be mip-mapped (have their
: resolution repeatedly halved), until the texture resolution is close to
: the screen pixel resolution at which they'll be drawn. This avoids
: 'crawling pixel' effects, and wasting the GPU's time on undrawable detail.
: An image of the surrounding landscape and sky would mip-map down to a blur
: of colours which would be representative of those you'd see in a proper
: reflection of this environment. In this case, any high-repetition default
: UV mapping would serve the purpose, with no need to be careful about
: detail or even orientation.

uhh yeah, what you said.

Interestingly, if I recall correctly, someone extracted the picture from the code, and it's called "containment.jpg," which was evidently the original name of quarantine zone... a name whose rebirth we've just witnessed. Does the picture look anything like the new map?


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