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Re: Halo2 Discoveries!
Posted By: C-B <>Date: 3/29/05 4:47 p.m.

In Response To: Halo2 Discoveries! (Slith [Subnova])

: Well, I found this several weeks ago, but I didn't want to share till I found
: a capture card.

: I still don't have a capture card. So I'm gonna just tell you, and hope
: someone else can take pictures.

: Level: Quarantine Zone
: Where: Outside, when you see the blown up sentinal factory.
: How:

: Ok, to begin with, you're gonna need a scorpion. That means grabbing one
: before you venture outside. [You have to steal it from some Flood]

: Once you've got your scorpion, head outside and go across the first bridge.
: There should be wreckage in front of you with a couple rocket Flood in it.
: As well as a bottomless pit to the right, and another up against the wall
: on the left.

: Find a suitable place to drive your tank up the wall. I couldn't get mine all
: the way, so I had to ditch it and go the rest on foot. Once this is done,
: you should now be on top of the map. Look around you until you're facing
: the main building you came out of. It has two very large windows on it.

: Walk over to the building.
: Once you're close enough, take a peek inside the windows. You should see a
: strange reflection.
: The reflection is, in fact, some artwork. It's a Forerunner structure covered
: in snow. It's a bit jumbled though, as there are multiple copies of the
: picture, and some of them are flipped sideways, and upside down.

: Once you've stared in wonderment at some nice artwork, you can venture over
: to the destroyed Sentinal Factory and explore around. Other than the
: artwork , there was nothing else I could find on top of the map. [I did
: not however, play on legendary.]
: Have fun.

I'm pretty sure this was found before, but I don't know where to find the thread. :(

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