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The Flood, Lysogenics, And You
Posted By: Sardaukar [Pants 138] <>Date: 3/7/05 3:07 p.m.

This is my premier post here... I've read the FAQ's (mostly) and've read a number of topics, and I hope that this is the right place to post Halo Story stuff (couldn't find any other forums; please move if otherwise)

I emailed this awhile back, but have decided to just post it here so I can fluff it. Sorry if I caused any logistics messes...

Everything in this post is subject to change as proved contradictions come; that's why I'm posting it... I hate misinformation, especially when I'm the one wielding it.

Offtopic; could someone include a link to the picture of the Forerunner Console that gives us reason to infer that they have six fingers? I was wondering if they do indeed have five, and that the lines which we see as fingers were actually outlines of the finger placements. I'd have to see it again to be sure... thanks in advance.

*'s and ^'s refer to footnotes at the bottom of the text. That stuff is most likely to be what I have erroneously mentioned, knowing my luck.

Assuming that Earth is the Ark, and that Forerunner
Technology far outperforms anything used by Humanity
or the Covenant, what if the Forerunner did achieve a
sort of salvation as sought by the Covenant, but only
in it's name; what if they discovered a way to imbed
their agenda and some knowledge into the cells which
would one day re-evolve into humanity, after the Halo
Weapon network annihilated all sentient life in the
galaxy? This would explain a great number of things;
such as why Humanity is innovative rather than
adaptive, and why we have made so much progress so
quickly, 'on our own'*, but more importantly, why we
(or at least, Spartan 117) instinctively know what to
press on a comepletely 'alien' Forerunner console to
activate a lightbridge; it explains why our original
MJOLNIR armor is recognized by GS343**.

I believe, that in the Halo fiction, the reason the Flood
were preserved and studied were for reasons of emulating
the nature of a virus. Suppose that before their
discovery, Viral organisms were an unknown thing. The
Forerunner may have been fighting more than one war
while they studied the Flood, or were faced by some
equally gravitic situation that foreshadowed their
eventual doom (it could still have been the Flood), so
the Forerunner did the cleverest thing:

They successfully emulated viral nature, and implanted
their abstract agendas, qualities, etc, into a
cellular format***, and then created a virus that
employed a nonlethal form of the Lysogenic Viral
cycle^ that would be scattered on Earth along with
root cells which would later become all life on Earth.
These viral bodies would remain mostly dormant,
awaiting a biologial signal for the proper host to
become the successor to the Forerunners, but some
would definitely malfunction and mutate into the
myriad forms of disease we have today. Sooner or
later, Homo Erectus would emerge, and the still-pure
Forerunner-Virus would activate, injecting the
abstract essence of the Forerunners into humanity. As
time went on, certain events would serve as the
stimuli to activate a particular part of the injected
DNA, such as a morbid interest in flight and
spaceflight emerging from the proper present
technology and resources, themselves urged on by other
stimuli^^. Thus, the containment of the Flood for
study is explained and the uncanny familiarity between
Forerunner items and Humans is explained.


* (this in itself is a modern miracle- in less than a
century we went from controlled aeroflight to
controlled spaceflight- but this would tie it into the
Halo Story)

** (althought it was 'merely' Mark V at the time,
when by 'standards' it should have been a Mark XII)

*** (this is actually a somewhat proven thing; modern
scientists are in strong favor now that your
personality is at least 50% genetically inherited,
feel free to correct me if I am wrong)

^ (A viral body latches onto a cell and injects it's
genetic information, which then works itself into the
host cell's genetic data. The host cell is then
otherwise unnaffected, and left free to reproduce, but
in doing so it spreads the altered genetic data, until
at some point an outside stimulus sets off the data
and the cell is reprogrammed to mass produce more
viral bodies until the cell bursts and dies. In this
application, such a grisly end is not included. Just
the stimulus doing something)

^^ (the entire system really would be like this,
really, just built like a ladder so that if one thing
didn't work right away, then the system wouldn't
progress out of sync and ruin Humanity. Think of it as
the perfect build order in an RTS game, only biologically)

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