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7ack [MetalSilver]


Messages Posted (The HBO Forum Archive): 65
Most Recent Post: 4/16/05 11:01 a.m.

'I do suck. I suck because I play the game to have fun. I suck because I play the game the way it's supposed to be played. I suck because I have the balls to quit in the middle of a game because someone on MY team is standbying. I suck because I can't be online ALL day while you are on pressing that little button on your modem. Yeah, I suck because I don't go on all the forums all day looking for new tricks and cheats. I most definitely suck because I can't live up to your standards, I can't help you keep up rank, and I am most definitely not going to cheat.' -IcedPitchBlack

'Really, sometimes I think I'm the only mature person in my whole school. Back when I was younger I would hang out with everyone older than me, because I just looked and acted like them. It was frusturating to be stuck in 5th grade when all you friends are in 7th. I worked so hard to skip grades.

Now I'm in public school again. Last time was 2nd grade, and that seems like forever ago. The problem is, now there are NO mature and sincere people to be with. It's a completely fulfilling feeling to finally be the same age as the people you talk to, but, you just don't enjoy talking to them.

I just want to go back to private school now, who cares about the dress code. You don't know what you have until it's gone. And now, it's gone. I'm 13, this forum makes the school bearable. It's intelligent conversation, the only intelligent conversation I can get now. I never swore 6 month ago... Why do I have to stop myself every ten minutes now? If it weren't for this place I'd feel like the last sane person on Earth.

Thanks everyone.' -MS

'Ratings are GOOD. Government regulation BASED on ratings is bad.' -Louis Wu

'I have some advice. As you scroll down the main menu towards Xbox Live, you skip over something very important: System Link. It's still there. You still have friends. Not the kind who you only know by their online avatar, but the ones who you stayed up all night with during those great Halo 1 sessions, the ones who you shared pizza, shotgun CTF, needlers only, 3-hour-long CTF chess matches, and just all-around great times with. Yeah, those friends.' -Syracuse002

'I'm sorry, but Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas should not have the same letter rating as Halo 2.' -Lance Ulanoff

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