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New Movie Synopsis
Posted By: Bachus <>Date: 3/20/01 9:33 p.m.

For those of you still waiting on your downloads of the new movie, here's a synopsis of what happens (contains spoilers if you haven't seen it yet):

Ed Fries begins the movie by saying that the show is over, and that he hopes the audience saw everything they wanted to see. You can hear cries of "No!" and "Halo!" from the audience. Ed responds with "Oh Halo. How could I forget Halo?" and brings out Jason Jones. Jason introduces himself and turns it over to Joe Staten who states that he'll actually be playing the game this time around.

Joe's holding an X-Box controller and says "Welcome to Halo on the X-Box." The screen changes to a still of the marine and the Halo logo and fades out to one of the Covenant flyers over a vast ocean. The craft does a slow 180 and you get to see both sides of the ring. Then it begins a slow descent to an island where it flies through some structures along the beach. The flyer pulls up to a parked jeep and the marine jumps out and walks around (the camera is third-person at this time).

As the Marine walks around the jeep, Joe starts talking: "Hundreds of years from now mankind is locked in a life or death struggle with a group of aliens known as the Covenant. The Covenant have destroyed our colony worlds. Their forces are unstoppable. To lead the Covenant away from Earth a ship of human soldiers makes a blind jump to a forgotten corner of the galaxy where they crash on Halo. An ancient ring artifact 10,000 kilometers in diameter locked in orbit between an obscure planet and its moon. And this, this is Halo. [Joe begins to look up and gives a glorious view of the entire ring] And this, this is you [shows the cyborg]. An elite military unit, you are the last of your kind. Trained to fight with any weapon, attack in any vehicle, you are mankind's most sophisticated piece of military hardware. Linking together with other survivors from the crash, you begin a guerilla war against the Covenant army that followed you to Halo [The cyborg hops into the driver's chair of the jeep. A BoB is at the chaingun position]. Whichever side, human or alien, first uncovers the secrets of Halo will find something that will alter the course of the war. Humanity's fate is in your big, green, armored hands."

The jeep begins to drive along the beach of the island, swerving through the sand. At one point Joe hits a bump at fullspeed and nearly topples the jeep, screaming "Yeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaawwww!" all the time [I was rolling with laughter]. The jeep comes up to an entrance to the base and the BoB begins firing at some Covenant grunts. The grunts return fire. The sound effects here are amazing. After a brief firefight the jeep retreats and goes up a ramp to another entrance. A firefight ensues again. The AI really shines here as the BoB picks his targets really well. The marine hops out of the jeep and the view switches to first-person. The BoB lays down covering fire while the cyborg runs to a side entrance to engage the grunts there. The grunts go down quickly, only a few shots each. When the cyborg runs out of ammo, he retreats slightly and reloads. The animation for the reloading is superb, even better than Oni's. The cyborg has to remove the clip, slap in a new one, cock it, everything a real gun requires. The cyborg proceeds deeper into the base and you can see the firefight between the BoB and the other grunts as he goes. The action here is amazing, and I can only imagine what it would look like with even more enemies/BoBs. At the end of the firefight the cyborg engages in battle with a regular Covenant soldier. The Covenant's sidestepping dodge is particularly cool.

Joe looks around the area as the music slows and changes to a new tune. Then Joe proceeds down a ramp deeper into the base. It's getting dark so on goes the flashlight. Joe sneaks up on a grunt and beats him over the head with his rifle. The view switches to third-person and we see...The Shaft. The camera moves around the shaft and shows it off before returning to first-person. The cyborg walks through some more corridors and comes across a few patrolling grunts. A short battle ensues as Joe takes 'em out. The grunts are pretty bad shots, but the blue Covenant are pretty smart. They remind me a lot the Skaarj from Unreal. They dodge around and take cover. Another reload and some ramps downwards. Joe sneaks up behind another lone grunt and purposely misses a few shots. The grunt turns around and sees the big, bad cyborg and proceeds to run away like a little sissie. A few shots puts him out of his misery.

Joe jumps down a shaft (not The Shaft) and another small firefight with grunts ensues. There's a covenant warrior here that's taking cover (and ducking!) while taking potshots at the cyborg. The camper is quickly eliminated. A few more corridors and Joe walks into a large room with a holographic control panel in the center. The view switches to third-person and the large hologram from the newest batch of screenshots turns on. The hologram is rotating and some parts of it are moving about (they move way too fast to be lifts or enemy units). The hologram is reflected in the floor, which is a nice touch. The camera slowly circles the room and gives a nice view of the hologram (the Halo choir is also in full force). Cue audience cheering and slow fade to black.

The movie is 10:25 long, and is very nice. Much better than the two previous Gamestock movies.



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