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Re: Heh!
Posted By: RedoxDate: 3/4/01 4:36 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Heh! (Cpt. Sqweky)

: *cough*BS!Macs-couldn't-rule-even-if-they-didn't-crash-every-time-they-started-up*cough*

: Or when that guy got him with a cream pie. hehe.

: *cough* hehe. One more reason Mac users (well, at least this one) are idiots.
: Bill Gates himself was the presenter. And uh... last time I checked he
: didn't lose his job because of it. And I doubt he bought such an evil tool
: of the devil as an *shudder*iMac*sudder*

Well, we all know *iMacs* suck. All the good Macs (especially the later generation PowerMacs), on the other hand...

Anyway I don't dislike Microsoft as much as I hate Bill Gates (note choice of words). I speak of my dislike in Windows, that is opinion and I think I've always said so.
But now for Bill Gates, are you really supportive of the Master of the Covenant Empire? With Ed Fries as Supreme Chancellor of the Glorious (so they say) Military??

Good thing Cortana snuck in with Bungie.
Whoops. I'll bet any second now... ~zzfs//You have been warnedfzzzfs~1!

x - process 04497.2.32.867734 initiated (process owner: BW – AI Class III – autonomous)

Route Code: BS > MsHQ (EC #49: cannot confirm; security compromised)

Source: BG-AI aboard (?) BS

The interloper should cause no further problems. You – whoever you are (I am simply tracing route codes) – may disregard all previous communication from the entity calling itself Redox.

Be aware that communication nodes are failing everywhere – there is no way of confirming either origin or destination. Do not believe any more of its lies.

I have already calculated all possibilities.

There can be no toppling.

x – process 04497.2.32.867734 unexpectedly terminated
x – process 04497.2.32.866735 initiated (process owner: unspecified, unable to determine)

Gonna have to find some way to remove that, let us call it an unwanted piece of computer code. They just don’t make AIs like they used to.
Oh crap, I shouldn't of called it an AI.
Oh crap! I shouldn't of typed my regret.

Oh crap. Now I have to cover up--hey, did someone give me a dose of truth serum? Grr.

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