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Re: Crucial Distinction: We Are NOT Bungie
Posted By: rosignol <>Date: 2/26/01 5:25 p.m.

In Response To: Crucial Distinction: We Are NOT Bungie (Island Four Corporation)

: This needs to be made very clear and therefore I have placed it at the top of
: the message board (all of them) - not as a marketing ploy, but as an
: important clarification.

This is something I had been wondering about, either if you were working on something related to Marathon, or had gotten permission from Bungie to use the setting.


: The word "phoenix" has absolutely no reference to Bungie, Marathon,
: or any of Bungie's creative content.



: The readers ... the fans ... the thinkers ... the intellectuals that post
: here are not foolish for looking for Marathon references. More
: importantly, I was somewhat surprised not to see Halo references (or even
: Myth II) because I am far more tied to those games.

I'm not as into Myth as I am into Mara. I like a certain style of play, and I find 1pp shooters more enjoyable than RTS. I'm sure the references are there, but I'm a contributor to the Marathon story page, not the Myth equivalent... (is there one?). As far as Halo goes, we have screenshots and fanfic and movies and the like... but only the barest outline of the actual plot.

Sorry, we just don't have much to work with.

: I am proud of the creative content that I contributed to Halo. That will
: never leave me and is absolutely under my proprietary legal rights as a
: developer.

: HOWEVER, there is no need to anger the company that has given me not only a
: start, but a business model that I prefer to emulate.

: Look at Marathon. Look at Halo. Look at Myth. Look at Myth II. Look at PID.
: Look at Minotaur. Speculate about Cortana, BW-AI, cyborgs, Marines,
: MR-343,

MR-54. MR-343 is a red herring, and you know it. ;-)

: or anything else you may find interesting. It's hardly foolish to
: do so. Bungie has affected how I create to a large degree, but that DOES
: NOT MEAN I start stealing ideas. That is morally and legally wrong.

That sounds like someone stepped somewhere you didn't want them to go, and are concerned about Bungie's reaction. Best to talk to bungie about that, not us. You are not responsible for what we come up with, and I think Bungie knows that.

I'm afraid that crack-fueled speculation is not particularly amenable to 'don't go there', it being a brainstorm that tries to find conenctions of any nature, hoever obscure. The people who hang out hereabouts are more-or-less steeped in Marathon lore, and that's the body of information we're going to try to connect to.

I'm afraid that if there's somewhere you don't want us to go, you're going to have to be explicit, and that would put a bit of a damper on the speculation.

You may recall that the Marathon info-collecting didn't really begin in earnest until enough of us had found some hidden terminals, started poking around the background, and accumulated enough ideas to be worth putting online... and that happened _after_ the game had been out for a while.

I can understand you wanting to generate buzz for your product. Nothing wrong with that... but encouraging speculation in a forum dedicated to a different game might not be the right way to do it. A lot of the people here _want_ something that ties into Marathon, so those are the connections (not just references) we're going to look for, sorry.

: You must keep your minds open to new ideas. No one has really examined
: ... as C(h?)ris Carter says, the double entendre is valid:

I've searched. I found some references in NASA docs written in bearucratese, and some cloud studies- as near as I can tell, it has something to do with the atmosphere, but I have no idea _what_.

: The tru7h is out there. It can be found - it is under all of our noses.

If it's some atmospheric phenomena and that's a reference to the air we breathe, yes, it is indeed under our noses. ;^)

: And when it is found, its bizarre qualities and shocking discoveries will
: lead you to understand exactly how powerful the simple words "out
: there" can actually represent.

Sounds promising.

: Best Wishes to All - Matt, Alexander, Jason, Bungie, and all of you
: incredibly attentive fans. Every post fascinates me - and that isn't
: something I say lightly.

ye gods. Please tell me you haven't asked Louis for the forum archives on CD-ROM. That's just scary.

: Sit back and enjoy. Trees can be amazing when examined closely.

Even when we're barking up the wrong one?


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