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Listen For the Clicks
Posted By: Island Four's Foreign Language Consultant <>Date: 2/25/01 12:27 p.m.

In Response To: Spellchecker Version 1.6, Moron Edition (Pallor)

: Yeah, it seems that after being told multiple times to use a spellchecker
: Nathan and his crew just may have taken the advice to heart. How
: embarrassing - releasing your 'official' cryptic message the first time
: with typos only to go back and fix them and redo part of the story line.

: At this rate the game text will probably read "liek" some Jeff K
: comic.

: - Meg

Yes, you had it exactly right ... "nourishment" spelled correctly has changed the focus of the game so dramatically that I had to hire a full-time Spellchecker at roughly $120,000 monthly. The salary would have been lower except that well ... this WAS Tim.

So I'm looking at my "parent directory," and all of a sudden I see some random text message about eighteen new Scorpions circling our Sun. Very disturbing. After a personal visit with Tim, the text was merely "adjusted" to coincide with current grammatical and spelling conventions (the British really ought to speak American ... it's hard enough dealing with "aboot" from the "neighbors to our north".)

He was actually using a version of Old English and Germanic Tribal Speak known as "Don't Tell Nathan Before You Post Something". While a fascinating derivation of languages, it is very difficult to understand the clicking sounds over the internet.

And, remember, there's nothing a hammer can't fix.

Enjoy and turn off your computer once a century, Meg. Especially since I hear it works just fine with Jaime on a regular basis.

Island Four Corporation

Who's Amy??

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