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like buttah
Posted By: nexZDate: 2/24/01 12:42 a.m.

In Response To: how does the ear grow (sharon)

Evil men ignore Time Cube. Teachers ignore Time Cube. Teachers deserve a hanging. My name is Gene Ray. Not even a god can deny that I have squared the circle of a static Earth and cubed the Earth sphere by rotating it once to a dynamic Time or Life Cube. Only a false god or academically brainwashed indoctrinated mindless moron would deny that the Earth lacks the top and bottom, the front and back, and 2-sides physical dimensions of a Cube that spirals a 4-season quad helix around the Sun - creating a swirling of 4 simultaneous years as in a separately created year for each of 4 seasons. Man is the only evil animal. Man is the only word animal. Word equates instituted evil. Word adultism is anti-child. A 'word god' can be erased. Word brings a Babel curse. Get ready for armageddon. Beliefs equate pornography, for they coexist on the web. There is no damn word god. Truth is physical, word a lie. It is what you do, not utter. Without deed, word starves. Word god lends not a hand.

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how does the ear growsharon 2/24/01 12:39 a.m.
     like buttahnexZ 2/24/01 12:42 a.m.
     hey! works now!Psyrixx 2/24/01 12:59 a.m.
           Oh!Psyrixx 2/24/01 1:52 a.m.
                 Re: Oh!Patroclus #CP#A 2/24/01 5:05 a.m.
                 Just in case...Anonymous Coward 2/24/01 11:04 a.m.
                       crack-fueled speculation! (someone call Hamish)rosignol 2/24/01 12:39 p.m.
                             Re: crack-fueled speculation! (someone call HamishPfhreak 2/24/01 12:49 p.m.
                             Blame NetscapeAnonymous Coward 2/24/01 1:21 p.m.
                       Re: Just in case...Pfhreak 2/24/01 1:01 p.m.
                       It changed!Anonymous Coward 2/24/01 4:59 p.m.
                             Re: It changed!Anonymous Coward 2/24/01 5:14 p.m.
                             Spellchecker Version 1.6, Moron EditionPallor 2/25/01 12:02 p.m.
                                   Listen For the ClicksIsland Four's Foreign Language Consultant 2/25/01 12:27 p.m.
                                         Re: Listen For the Clicksrosignol 2/26/01 10:41 a.m.
           Yet Another IdeaWarlord 2/25/01 1:13 a.m.
     SpeculationPfhreak 2/24/01 11:12 a.m.
           Yet more speculationPfhreak 2/24/01 11:32 a.m.
                 Re: Yet more speculationrosignol 2/24/01 12:01 p.m.

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