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You should try this...
Posted By: B-Sharp <>Date: 12/20/00 11:20 p.m.

In Response To: Argh (Matt)

> So.

> That was pretty frustrating. Even more so for those of you on
> the other end, I imagine.

> Next chat we do will be better, I promise.

> -Matt

You guys seem to like having these little discussions on IRC, so next time if you're still going to do it via IRC, I suggest #halo or #bungie on EFNet.

We could do something similar to what was done when you did this shortly after the acquisition was announced... moderating the channel and then briefly allowing people to spew out their questions for a period of maybe 5 seconds... and then allowing you some time to answer what was asked, and then repeat.

That certainly seemed to go much smoother at least.

Or hotline would be another alternative, but I think the last time that was tried, a couple of the servers were overloaded...


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