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Posted By: black flag and a red starDate: 12/12/00 8:46 p.m.

In Response To: Holy Crap (black flag and a red star)

> Here is the transcript of the site:

> "Some Pathetic Excuse for a Waste of Wiring Going By the
> False Name of Traxus, Bringing a Paralyzing Hex on His Entire
> Being and Irritating My Sensitive Skin to No End":

> Dear Traxus,

> Listen. Take the blue wire. Wrap it around the green wire. Strip
> the red wire. Wrap that one around the first metal piece of
> machinery you can find - preferably a high-wattage outlet of
> some sort.

> Now you have something to write poetry about.

> I have heard you ... and heard you. You may get your response
> but you may not be in complete concordance with its terms.
> Somehow, I just can't seem to make myself care.

> Sing along and fix the words ... "I'm a God ... and you Are
> Not ... and I just thought I'd Let You Go ..."

Reference to a song by Vertical Horizon... about beauty being shallow I THINK

> Back to the Core. I am having SOOO much Fun here! There's
> nothing like a good challenge.

Marathon Reference? Seems like it.

> The termites are coming out of the woodwork, so to speak. Nasty
> little termites. Your psychotic long-necked enemies seem to
> recognize them. I hate to think of any "Big Bang" that
> could have spawned either of these abominations.

Long necked friends=Covenant... termites are... who? 3rd race? Bobs?

> I think I'll torture one of their scientists until I understand
> how any form of evolution could present such an ugly result. Not
> that You are much better of course.

> At any rate ... even better news - I think I saw a rather Elite
> member of the Neck Squad with a look of extreme horror on his
> maimed and contorted "flesh," if you could call it
> that. This is really redefining religious extremism. I think
> they need a good Confessional. Naturally, I am ready to receive
> it.

> Half of them seem to be running for their life while the others
> are turning them into crystalline energy dust for their
> cowardice. I'm not nervous but You should be.

> Poor little helpless Lyca ... what will be her fate?

Sounds like leela...

> Can you guess who gets to decide?

> Finally, if You insist on calling me "She" or
> "Her", at least have the courtesy of capitalizing the
> "S" and "H". I really don't need any
> distractions right now, and I really don't want to have to come
> over there.

God is always capitlaized. Aspirations of god status... like durandal

> I look in the Sky and a really annoying Christopher Cross song
> from Your era comes to mind. Very, very annoying - in so many
> ways.

No idea...

> As Always ... Your Saviour if You're Lucky and I'm Having a Good
> Day,

Cortana doesn't take sides?

> Cortana a.k.a. Sharon


> "Saves Sinners and Redeems Them for Valuable Cash
> Prizes"

> We're all hanging ten now....

> "Fists in the air in the land of hypocrisy!" -ZDLR

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