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Re: on portals...
Posted By: Loren Petrich <>Date: 10/16/00 11:56 p.m.

In Response To: Re: on portals... (ydnar)

[on lightmapping usually being a preprocessing operation...]
> there have been realtime games (or perhaps just demos) with
> per-frame raytracing. they have been with simple models, and
> rendering a low-resolution framebuffer, however.

That's because it's computationally expensive -- one has to do a lot of hit testing to find out what is in the way. However, the usual sorts of fast 3D rendering can be interpreted as a limited sort of ray tracing -- ray tracing that ignores everything but the surface currently being rendered.

> the term 'raycast' is a throwback to pseudo-3d engines (wolf,
> doom, marathon) as a visibility determination algorithm.
> marathon, for instance, was a 'pure' portal engine in the sense
> mentioned in this thread.

Having had to wrestle with the Marathon engine's visibility code, I note that you are completely correct. Every wall between two map polygons is treated as a portal.

And I make that comment because I've had to make two sorts of changes to it:

* Increase the visibility range from half size to the full size of the world geometry.

* Replace fixed-size arrays with variable-sized arrays.

* Do some sorting by polygon of the visibility-tree nodes. This required making each node a member of two trees, a polygon one and a visibility one.

> ydnar

Nice to see you back.

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