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Re: Matt's Halo Update 10/13/00
Posted By: [OF/CO] hYlAnDeR <>Date: 10/14/00 10:46 a.m.

In Response To: Matt's Halo Update 10/13/00 (Matt)

Thanks for the Update Matt ! Looks like things are moving along nicely. I do hope you find that extra closet space. I certainly know what it is like to run out of storage space, hehe =) Take care for now and keep up the great work sir !


[OF/CO] hYlAnDeR
Orion Faction Commander

> In defiance of expectations, I’m actually writing this update
> thingy. And this week it’s at, because I love those
> guys. At some point I’m going to have to decide on a permanent
> home for these dispatches. Actually I have one in mind already,
> but I can't tell you what it is yet. :-)

> - Did I mention last time that we’re interviewing like mad? It’s
> still happening.

> - We’ve been looking at the floor plans for our new space, and
> things are starting to come together. Amusingly, just like the
> last time we moved, we completely forgot to allocate any space
> for a storage closet. Trying to rectify that. Lots of windows in
> our new space though.

> - We’re coming up on the end of a major engine rewrite. We’re
> now very close to having the indoor areas kick as much ass as
> the outdoor areas, and consequently the game will be split more
> evenly between them (previously the outdoor stuff was going to
> seriously outweigh the indoor stuff). Whether you’re outside or
> under a roof, in Halo things will look better than anything else
> out there.

> - Jason is splitting his time between AI work and story work
> with Jaime and John. The AI stuff is still in the planning
> stages, but it should be very cool. The aim is to make it the
> most fun AI to play against (or play with, if it’s on your
> side).

> - There’s also a new rasterizer in the works so we can take
> advantage of all the cool Xbox features. "Per-pixel
> everything," said Chucky, with a characteristically
> depraved grin.

> - By the way, we’re all very disappointed that none of you took
> the time to post a "Happy Birthday Chucky" message
> even though we made it a news item on Chucky’s
> doing well, considering – right now we’re much more concerned
> about Jason’s habit of dumping his lunch on himself – but we
> were hoping for a little support from you guys.

> - Rob assures me that my personal favorite tool of destruction,
> the mysterious "wall-hugging hippo," still exists.
> Thus we end on a high note. :-)

> -Matt

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