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Re: TechSupport Humor (OT)
Posted By: Mr. Zarquon <>Date: 9/7/00 9:11 p.m.

In Response To: Re: TechSupport Humor (OT) ($erial-ki!!A)

Sounds like a plan to me.
Well here's a quicky for you: My friend, a IT guy, got a call from the cable company asking if he had a 386 or better. His reply: yeah, im pretty sure ive got a bunch lying around somewhere. Long pause. Why do you want to buy them or something?
Her: Do you run windows
Him: No (all linux house)
Her: Oh, you use a mac.
Him: No
Her: huh?
Him: I use linux
Her: What?
Him: Trust me, whatever you want, ive got a 500mhz machine, i can handle whatever you want me to.
Her: Oh, well, would you be interested in Optimumonline service...
Him: I already have it. You guys should see about merging your two databases to make sure the people you arent calling already have what your trying to sell.
Her: HUH?
Him: Bye, *click*

Anyway, I am sure with a enough machines, and the proper interfaces, we can easily do mass DoS attacks on their phone systems. Maybe have Fred bitch them out, run ViaVoice on the speaker input, and generate responses. (Is this a prank call, what are you doing. I dont like your tone, just because im bound to a wheelchair and write physics books all days doesnt mean I should be treated as a second class citizen. Gives a quicky phrase about time to responded, etc. and then starts to talk about some random toaster problem. BWAHAHA, thats very evil)

Mr. Zarquon
Welcome, Tasty Primate.
Please hold while I eat your brain via this handset.

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