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Re: Who >??
Posted By: Lord SmackyBob <>Date: 8/7/00 6:32 p.m.

In Response To: Who >?? ($erial-ki!!A)

> I have been gobne for 2 months, and havent been able to see the
> board... Who is Matt and Marty ? Are they Bungie or ex-Bungie ??
> Sorry for being stupid...

Matt is Matt Soell, Bungie's self-styled 'human pincushion.'
People ask Matt questions like "OMFG WEN IZ HALO OUT IZ
IT XBOX OLNY XBOX SUX DIE BILL!!?!?!" and Matt does
his best to answer them. He relocated to Redmond along with
the rest of Bungie.

Marty is Marty O'Donnell of TotalAudio, co-composer and
co-producer of, er... lots of stuff. People on this forum
probably know TotalAudio best for the music in both of the
Myth games, and the music in the Halo trailers. Marty is
apparently also in Redmond, but I don't know TotalAudio's
full relationship with Bungie Studios/Microsoft.

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