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To Matt
Posted By: ViperGDate: 8/3/00 11:03 p.m.

We have an irc channel Open on Gamesnet(#halo).
I know that once in a very while u and the halo dev team sometimes do interviews or chats. I know that bungie could or has its own irc server or just as easily can set one up. but I wanted to ask if the chats could be held on the gamesnet server. I have been wanting to ask someone in bungie if we could set anything up like this. now that you visit the forums this is the best chance. Currently Counterstrike
seems to be the #1 game on the internet. Halo SHOULD dominiate counterstrike and whatnot if its what we think from the movies.
as does the counterstrike channel on gamesnet.
and as soon as I learned about halo I registered the channel for what seemed aparent. But there are a few extra reasons why I took the channel. I know that this might seem trivial to u. but next time u do a chat, just remember there is already a halo channel up. and we would love to host the chat, since its all setup and all.
thx. btw, great job on halo from what we have seen. I just hope it stays great the whole way through. :)

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