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A call to arms
Posted By: Cannibal Harry =PN= <>Date: 6/19/00 11:34 a.m.

I know I've been one of the more vocal people
against this aquisition, and I still have serious
reservations about it. As I've said in earlier
posts, I've been an employee in the midst of
two less-than-stellar management changes, and am
now a consultant walking through the aftermath
of a third. I know what can happen to companies
that are swallowed up, even willingly, in a merger.
"So, what the hell is he going on about?" you may ask.
Here it is...

There's a difference between Bungie and every other
company Microsoft has assimilated. That difference
is us. You and me and everyone else that's ever taken
up the vidmaster's challenge, or made a plugin for
Myth or MythII, or submitted a theory to Hamish's page.
Us. Never before has MS aquired a company with as rabid
and intelligent a following as the Bungie community.

As a reasoned, thought-out and cohesive whole, we can
be a force to be reckoned with. We can, if we want, and
if we can put aside some of our animosities and some of
our lamer tendencies; (myself included) be a form of
oversight to ensure that Bungie continues to support a
fanbase that has grown arounf it over the last nine

I'm not saying we'll be able to singlehandedly make
Microsoft change its stripes, hell the Department of
Justice is having a hard time doing that. What I am
saying though, is that we can make sure we're heard.
How many of us are there? Some 10,000 of us log on to or post on the forums or send some tidbit of
information to Hamish in any given week. 10,000 voices,
all raised in unison and saying,

"No, we will not be excluded because of our choice of
hardware" (within reason, of course, Mac SE's and 486's
are out of the question =))

Something like that cannot be ignored. We will call,
we will write, we will send email. Bottom line, we
will make ourselves heard. It is in our hands to be
the mature and intelligent lot we are and ensure that
our interests and the interests of future members of
the community are never drowned out in the name of
corporate politics or anything else.

I for one, will be damned if I let this community fall
by the wayside without a fight.

The Flag is ours to take up.

Who's with me?


"I am Jack's call to arms..."

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