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Funny multiplayer tank glitch.
Posted By: hookedonhaloDate: 1/17/05 6:33 p.m.

I was playing multiplayer with some friends on the map headlong. The game type was slayer. Anyway I got into a tank and blew up one of my friends with the tanks cannon. I then backed up off of a ledge which turned my tank faceing up. I then proceded to slowly crawl back up the ledge (if i had gone off the ledge my tank would have landed on its back) while my tank was still pointed straight up. When I finally got up my tank wouldn't level out. It stayed standing up. When I pushed forward on the controller the tank went forward but only on its hind tracks. The other weird thing is that my cannon could still shoot as if the tank were sitting straight on the ground. After about 3 min of pushing forward again and again it still wouldn't go down. Then as my friend came around the corner to shoot me with a spnkr ( he came right up in front of my tank) my tank suddenly dropped, splattering him. It was a riot! lol. Anyway that's the story of my glitch. I am sorry but i don't have the resorces avalible to make a pic or I would have done so. You can believe me or not but I am telling the Truth. No Joke! Has this glitch happened to anyone else?

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