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Count Zero


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"Well then", Lucas said, straightening up and brushing nonexistent dust from his big pink palms, "did you ever use it for that, to access print books?" He'd removed his immaculate black suit coat; his spotless white shirt was traversed by a pair of slender maroon suspenders, and he'd loosened the knot of his plain black tie.

"I don't read too well," Bobby said. "I mean, I can, but it's work. But yeah, I did. I looked at some real old books on the matrix and stuff."

"I thought you had," Lucas said, jacking some kind of small deck into the console that formed the base of the tank. "Count Zero. Count Zero Interrupt . Old programmer talk." He passed the deck to Beauvoir, who began to tap commands into it.

Complex geometric forms began to click into place in the tank, aligned with the nearly invisible three-dimensional grid. Beauvoir was sketching in the cyberspace coordinates for Barrytown, Bobby saw. "We'll call you this blue pyramid, Bobby. There you are." A blue pyramid began to pulse softly at the very center of the tank.

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