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Unnamed Fic *long*
Posted By: The Se7enth Prophet <>Date: 12/23/04 11:43 a.m.

Yeh, couldn't think of a name for this one. It took me maybe 30 minutes last night to write, so don't expect much.
As the Chief hurtled towards earth, the Prophet of Truth pnodered the location of his sacred key. He couldn't even begin to understand why the incompotent dirt of a race was swarming all over it. How they could get to it before him. The humans had found what he had searched his whole life for, and they would be meant to pay.

Long had he searched for his sacred key. Long had he awaited to unleash its all mighty light and gain acceptance into the divine beyond. Soon, it would all be over, he thought. Soon, his mighty Covenant would Gods. He would become the grerater being, along with those who stayed loyal to him.

He gazed out over the stained land that held the key, tainted with human scum. He could not get over the fact that they were there, and not him.How could the filth stain such a holy place. The orb was all he wanted, and he would stop at nothing to get to it.

The ancient craft shuddered. Tagronos, a brute ship master, approached Truth. "Our holy chariot has been hit, great one," The brute bowed, "We are prepared to fire when commanded."

"Take it out," Truth's eyes redirected to the human ship, "Be sure to leave none of them behind. Their blood shall be spilled as our brothers blood was.
A brute stationed in front of a glowing panel punched in a command. The ship began to hum. The point at the top of it began to glow an illuminating blue light. From it, a quick, thin line shot from it, directed at the human vessel that had previously fired upon them.

The human craft sat ther, just drifting in space. Its hull glowed a hellish red around the point where the shot had impacted. Suddenly, a shimmer appeard over the human ship, and with a muffled Bam! the vessel was gone. destroyed in an explosion of red and orange.

The Forerunner craft continued with its decent to the sacred key like an unstoppable force, killing all that got in its way. It was like the gods had given Truth the power to wipe the humans out with one swift blow.

The humans watched in fear and awe of the destruction caused by the craft. There was nothing they could do to stop it. It crept along, slowly killing them all.

Truth watched the destruction in his own self glory. He saw the power the great ones had bestowed upon him and his mighty Covenant. He would not show mercy to any of the humans.

"You threw a party and forgot to invite me?" a voice came from behind Truth, "Now that isn't nice."

Truth swung around on his floating pedestal and looked in horor at what he saw, "DEMON!" His voice boomed throughout the control room, "Get him! Kill him now!

"Well," Cortana began, "That's not nice to do when you have visitors.."
Four brutes, three with the enhance brute plama rifle and one with a brute shot, rounded the corner and immedeatly opened fire. Three plasma bolts splashed across the Master Chief's hields, draining them to one-fourth their capacity. A grenade bounced right by him and exploded shortly after leaving the ground. His shields died.

The Chief dove for cover, but the Brutes continued to fire. Molten scraps of metel, both melted off of the walls of the ship and from the plasma rifles themselves, hissed passed him. The air around the Chief sizzled and cracked.
"Send him into eternal damnation," Truth commanded the brutes. "This demon does not deserve to live."

The Master Chief's shields cracked and sparked, but would not regenerate. "Your shields," Cortana told him "are shot. One of those brutes hit your generator."

Without his shields, the Chief wouldn't be able to win this fight. He had to try. He tossed a grenade back towards the brutes. A loud thump! was heardan the Chief fley out, firing his SMGs at the brutes.

A depp laugh came from behind him. It was the last thing he heard. A brute had made his way beind the Chief and hit him in the back of the head, knocking him unconcious.

Well, I know it's not the best, but rate it, critique it, whatever.

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