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Scarabs Before: Maybe First Strike? *SP*
Posted By: Ain Soph AurDate: 12/2/04 3:54 p.m.

In Response To: scarabs before? (cam)

: i was just playing metropolis again and noticed in the beginning cut
: scene(sorry if said before) that they are trying to get out of fighting
: the scarab and the sarge comes and says we've ran the simulation...theyre
: tough but they aint invincible...where do you think the scarabs have been
: encountered?

This is a question that's bugged me before, but I just now got the bright idea to relate it to First Strike.

In First Strike, Fred's Banshee is hit by something in the forest that's firing Needler projectiles the size of his forearm. There is a similar weapon on the back of the Scarab, it's what shoots down your Pelican in that cutscene.

Also, in First Strike, it mentions enormous insectlike digging machines. After I saw that, it hit me that the Scarab really doesn't fit the profile of a Covenant assault vehicle. It has defensive weaponry, but its main gun takes too long to charge up for firing. It's slow, and it doesn't hover like the standard Covenant vehicles. The Wraith does most of the jobs that its main gun would do for assault, and anything necessary beyond that could have been handled by the carrier's own plasma turrets.

Note that the Scarab isn't really interested in sticking around as a combat vehicle. It destroys enemies it comes across, but they don't seem to be a priority. Then, remember when you are driving in the tunnel and the Scarab beam fires through the road above? The only other use of the Scarab Beam (besides the tank) is by Sarge in order to break into the Control Room. After I made that connection (about 2 minutes before I started typing this up), I realized that the Scarab is most likely that insectlike digger. It's really freakin big, it's very insectoid in nature and in fact is named for an insect that digs holes. Its main weapon is more suited for making big holes in the ground than for actual combat.

I'm now about 80% sure that the Scarab was mentioned in First Strike but not explicitly named as such.

This is your mind...

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