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Posted By: retsamolah <>Date: 10/3/04 2:52 p.m.

In Response To: OMFG HALO 2 IS THE SHIZNIT!!!!!!!EFUCKINGLEVEN! (nof, KP, Konrad, MikeMan, Furhman, Dizzy, and More)

: Just kidding.

: We are having a blast at Crisp Death though. Thanks Wu for having us!

: KP won a original Mister Chief edition signed by Frankie. It rocks hardcore.
: I mean hardcore like... trucks falling on kittens hardcore. Ron Jeremy saw
: the picture and was like "holy fuck, that's hardcore."

: early pics are up!

even though I arrived 24 hours late, my first real HBO lan at Louis Wu's citadel *cough* house was t3h AWESOMEZ00rZ!!!111oneone I'm dead tired right now from yesterdays schedule of classes from 8:00-12:30, bus to NMH (northern mass) from 1-2:30, soccer game from 3:00-5:00, drive down from NMH to the LAN from 5:00 7:30, then 8 hours of intense halo action. I only took a few pictures, actually most of them by dizzy, but there are tons of them that will be posted eventually...

a few memorable moments from the LAN:
the unbelievably terribly long and intense Single Flag assault, all rockets on Hang em... this game literally lasted 2 hours of straight killing and chaos. The dirty reds took an early lead, but we managed to stonewall them for much of the rest of the game. In Wu's garage, me, whoknew, Boxer, Shishka, and some other random people were screaming and dying and killing and betraying and generally frolicing in the absolute chaos. But then, alas, WhoKnew had to leave, and take his xbox with him, and thus the game closed without a carnage report being seen. Oh the agony. I was leading in kills I believe, and i must have had more than 300... at least... yarg...

we had some good smaller games in between, some snipers, some smacks (all melee for the dyslexic here), some straight up slayer... good times...

then, we took a group shot, and all the people who were gonna leave that night, left (this was like 3 am, but I was just getting started :/ ), then the rest of us, went up and played some more. We had some awesome VERY close ffas on various maps... some great pistol dueling, then we all hit the sack, spread across Louis' floor/futons/couches.

All in all, was a great experience... I REALLY wish i could have been there for the whole thing, but there will be others, and the time I was there was awesome. Needless to say, HUEG thanks to Louis for accomodating 30 odd people in his home for 2 days, even if i was only there for half of it.

pictures to come


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