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Re: Possibly... *SP*
Posted By: CovieKilla <>Date: 10/1/04 2:43 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Spoilers might spawn ;) (KiGlow)

: Not necessarily. Once MC reaches the bridge, he goes out on his own to fix
: something for Cortana. Also, if it were the first level, Bungie might keep
: Sarge, Haverson and the rest unkillable. At least in Easy mode. This opens
: up the possibility for extra mission objectives the higher the difficulty
: level (ie. Perfect Dark).

: "The current game picks up right around the same time [in reference to
: First Strike]. So effectively, a lot happens with the destruction of the
: Halo and Chief coming back to Earth. Essentially it picks up right after
: where Halo left off with First Strike filling in some of the gaps. "
: - Peter Parsons, E3 2004

: " It picks up where Halo left off ," said Pete Parsons, Bungie
: studio manager, "but we don't want to give out too many details about
: the story."

: Two quotes from two seperate occasions saying the same thing. ;)

: KiGlow

Hmm...A paradox? I don't think we'll be flying the AJ, but I think that we may be participating in the Reach Op, and stuff, but really doubt flying that ship. Baby sitting missions can go either way, if Bungie really has beefed up the AI, then whoever you're protecting should at least fend for themselves a little. Plus we all know that we end up rescuing a group of SPARTANs so I don't think that they'll be total idiots.

November 9th should tell us a bit more on this...38 Days!

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