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Re: Major update at my site: AOTCR massed enemy fu
Posted By: Agony <>Date: 9/21/04 8:55 a.m.

In Response To: Major update at my site: AOTCR massed enemy fun (rockslider)

Hehe, I have played this challenge a few times, and others on AotCR. (It's full of funny things to do.) The megabattle and its variations is one of, if not the funniest thing to do in Halo, in my opinion.

My own funny challenges:

Know of the shade trick to get down to ground level, from the first bridge? Use that, and no enemies will spawn, which can be useful while setting up your battles.

First, I've tried to do the Megabattle with a Wraith involved, and only one Ghost, a fully loaded RL, SR and grenades at my disposal (tough as hell, made it through twice). Fought from the spiral slide, it is a tactical challenge, which starts when the dropship arrives, and gives me hell, dropped from the skies. What a wonderful battle.

If you cross the loadingpoint that is just before the first outdoor area, and on ground floor, you'll trigger many nasty aliens. So, cross it, take the Banshee (which you've parked directly outside), and push the Wraith to the area which you can enter from either a tunnel, or a side passage. Takes patience, but if you see to it that you can attack all the Covenant tanks, this is a battle so wonderful that it hurts my eyes. Half a dozen mortar tank rounds in the air at the same time, Hunters who fire their rod cannons at you, and sometimes even Grunts who are willing to throw a grenade, and all the normal weapons firing... Watch from above for best effect. Ten rockets, a whole lot of sniper rounds, and a few grenades is a must for me.

It is possible to lead all the covies from the above described battle down into the cavern, try it. (Patience is needed.) To dash around in a hog here, crushing enemy infantry beneath my tires for a long time... it is worth all of the problems arising from getting every enemy down here.

Does anyone want me to mention the possibilities for challenges when you reach the control room pyramid?r the twin bridges wonders? There is a lot of great fighting to be done here, some is greatly pictured in Mike Millers movies.

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Major update at my site: AOTCR massed enemy funrockslider 9/20/04 7:46 a.m.
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     Spiffy! *NM*NinjaYaddaYaddaYadda 9/20/04 7:38 p.m.
     Re: Major update at my site: AOTCR massed enemy fuAgony 9/21/04 8:55 a.m.

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